White Fire OG Marijuana Strain Information


Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 22% – 28%


WiFi, also known as “White Fire OG” or “WiFi OG,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (40% indica/60% sativa) strain created through crossing the beloved White Fire X White Rhino strains. Its sweet citrus and black pepper flavor may have you hooked after just one taste, but its high-powered effects are what will keep you coming back for more. The Wifi high comes on quickly with a punch to the head of cerebral energy that lifts your mood and leaves you feeling completely euphoric. As this state of happiness grows, you’ll feel a sense of artistic inspiration accompanied by a light feeling of focus. These mental effects are anchored beautifully by a relaxing body high that lulls you into a totally lazy state that doesn’t weigh you down or leave you sleepy. Coupled with its high 22-28% average THC level, these effects give Wifi an edge in treating conditions such as chronic stress, fatigue, inattentiveness, depression, and chronic pain. The aroma of Wifi is much like the flavor, with a lemony peppery effect that’s accented by sweet earth and pungent diesel. This bud has piecey spade-shaped forest green nugs that are decked with bright red orange hairs and coated with a thick layer of tiny golden colored crystal trichomes.

A child of two well established strains – Fire OG Kush and The White – White Fire OG has become quite popular throughout medical and recreational dispesnaries in the West. Originally bred in the early 2000’s it has built a reputation for a unique look and routinely high potency.

White crystals blanket the plant like snow on its barrel-shaped, tight buds. The smell is diesel fuel and earthy. Some have detected pepper and lemon in the taste while others have said it’s more sweet, musky, and oaky.

Type of High

WifiOG cannabis strain gives a strong cerebral effect. The initial uplifting boost is immediate and hard-hitting. It can help focus. Despite this mental clarity, there is a physical limitation, considering there is a big possibility of couch lock.


With a tight nug structure more reminiscent of the Fire OG than the large pinecone-shaped buds of The White, this particular WiFi has the perfect blend of density and attractive trichome/calyx structure, keeping thing open enough to see but possessing a very satisfying nuggy texture.


The Fire OG is definitely the predominant aroma and flavor present in this cut, with a perfect slightly spicy OG flavor rife with gingery citrus terpenes and a kerosene-like kick that comes out when it’s disturbed.


Wonderfully uplifting yet deeply powerful effect, which comes on strongly from the first hit and stays around for well over 3 hours.  It’s felt immediately in the face and eyes, but doesn’t make the eyes feel squinty or dry, but rather just provides a constantly pulsing pressure and warmth which is pleasant to most patients.  Mentally it’s just a strain that wipes away stress and tensions and provides a humorous, light-hearted mood elevation which is very smooth and without any anxiety or raciness. or raciness.


This is a strain which when properly-grown has a deep, abiding flavor which lasts through the end of a joint and leaves a lingering OG flavor on the lips and in the throat whick rivals some of the best we’ve encountered.

Effects information

Although it tilts towards the Indica side, Wifi OG has cerebral effects, offering energy and focus. The heady profile also means that people can use it in the morning and midday and not get too sleepy. For recreational users, this herb may be suited to creative and social activities.

Because of the high THC and the low CBD, Wifi OG is not suited for medical patients with serious disorders like epilepsy. Instead, people with depression, anxiety, appetite loss, and pain find that it suits their needs. Some may find the smoke a bit harsh on the intake, which may not be suitable for people trying to avoid coughing due to pain or lung irritation.

The first rush is strong and uplifting and people have reported 3-hour highs with this particular strain of weed. Some have mentioned a localized feeling in the face and eyes that is warm and pleasant.

Beta Caryophyllene:0.655%
Alpha Humulene:0.229%

Grow information

The home grower will find different phenotypes of Wifi OG on the market which stay true to the strain’s profile in various degrees. For example, you may find plants with traditional barrel-shaped nugs – staying true to its original genetics – or a more conical shape, which recent breeders have begun cultivating. The aroma and taste may vary slightly as well and is continuously being improved upon. It was this type of genetic variation in cannabis that has spurred celeberties like Wiz Khalifa to develop their own brand of Kush – see Khalifa Kush.

Moderately experienced growers will have an easier time with WiFi OG, which grows best in warmer, drier climates or indoor settings. The strain is resistant to most diseases and pests, but requires attentive trimming and temperature control to nurture its full yield. Within 60-70 days, WiFi OG grows into medium-sized plants with spicy green, tightly compacted buds.



The parents of White Fire OG are two hybrids: The White and Fire OG. However, some claim that its parents are SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG Kush crossed with authentic OG Kush.

White Fire 43 (WiFi 43)

White Fire 43 is a particularly successful phenotype of White Fire that has more indica heavy effects and produces high CBD levels. This strain first blossomed under the care of OG Raskal. 

THC levels match White Fire in most crops, so novice consumers should be considerate of this bud’s potency. More notably, CBD levels average at a solid 5% – making this strain popular in the medical community. Its high is known for its ability to sedate after placing the consumer in a state of euphoria. Users say it helps alleviate insomnia as well as bodily aches and pains, providing a great night’s sleep; free of both mental and physical stress. 

Most reports say White Fire 43 produces only dry eyes and dry mouth as adverse effects, but care should be taken with higher doses.

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