Purple Ice Marijuana Strain Information

Purple Ice

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 55% Sativa / 45% Indica

THC: 18%, CBD: 1%

With a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 55:45, Purple Ice delivers a heady cerebral high thanks to its sativa genes. The effect is intensely euphoric and happy, with a spark of creativity. It’s a great strain any time of day, with subtler, lazy indica effects that can induce sleep. Purple Ice can be used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, insomnia, migraine headaches, nausea, and chronic pain, among others. THC concentration has been measured at more than 18%, making this a relatively potent medical strain. CBD levels, on the other hand, are very low, less than 1%, too low to recommend this strain for patients with seizure disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD. Purple Ice smells and tastes of sweet berries, specifically blueberries, as well as flowers. Cottonmouth is the most common adverse effect, while headaches, dizziness, dry eyes, and paranoia are less likely. Purple Ice is typically found only on the medical markets of Arizona and Oregon, though it likely appears elsewhere on the West Coast. It’s not a frequent option on the black market, either.

Creative types tend to really jump on board with the effects of Purple Ice, as you’ll instantly experience a cerebral boost that leans toward focus, productivity, and complete joy. Whether it’s time to put the finishing touches on a piece of art or begin writing another chapter of your novel, Purple Ice has your back and won’t let any stress get in your way. Alongside the mental benefits, this strain offers you a set of tingles that are second to none. Starting in your head, they’ll cascade to your toes and add to the overall experience.

Purple Ice

Considered to be a jack of all trades, this strain also works wonders for medical patients who need just a bit of relief during any time of the day. Stress and depression, especially chronic cases that tend to leave you down in the dumps for days, are melted away after a few hits, and bodily pain also gets kicked to the curb with ease. Although she doesn’t offer much in the way of CBD, Purple Ice is potent enough to act as a daily choice to promote health and healing.

Despite her name, Purple Ice is a bit of a wimp when it comes to colder temperatures, making her a slightly tricky plant to cultivate at home. You can certainly opt for outdoor growth, but make sure to keep her warm and dry. Resistant to mold and mildew, this plant will flourish after 8 to 9 weeks and leaves you with a nice haul.

Most easily found on the West coast, Purple Ice is a great strain for users who want to experience the more energetic and uplifting side of being high instead of feeling stoney and unable to move. We wouldn’t suggest that you run a marathon right after smoking, but any project on your to-do list will be completed much easier with a little of this gal in your system.

Cannabis Strain Summary

StrainPurple Ice
User rating4.4 / 5
FlavorsSweet, Berry, Sage
EffectsHappy, Relaxed, Uplifted
May RelieveStress, Depression, Insomnia
Side effectsDry Mouth, Paranoid, Dry Eyes


The genetics of Purple Ice currently remain unknown as well as its area of origin. THC levels average in the high teens and low 20’s.

Grow information

Purple Ice, a sativa-leaning strain, produces easy-to-grow plants with high resistance to molds, pests, and mildew. The cultivar prefers outdoor sunlight with low humidity, but indoor gardens can also bring Purple Ice to its full potential. Purple Ice flowers in 56 to 63 days indoors and by mid-October outside. In ideal conditions, Purple Ice yields up to 19 ounces of bud per plant, an above-average haul.

Purple Ice F3 – This plant’s lineage is widely disputed and unconfirmed, and it is also a very hard strain to find. Purple Ice smells flowery, earthy, berry. It is a very easy plant to grow. Outside, she prefers a warm, dry spot and needs to be kept away from frost, but she needs cold nights to turn purple. It is highly resistant to common molds and mildew and doesn’t need or want lots of nutrients. This F3 hybrid has been bred for more of the Indica side, resulting in a slightly shorter plant that has nice size flowers. It’s great for all day or night when you don’t want to be couch locked. Purple Ice is excellent meds for stress, insomnia or nausea. Also good for PTSD.
Flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks.

Purple Ice is unavailable as seeds or clones.

Purple Ice


Purple Ice marijuana induces happy, relaxed, uplifted, tingly, and euphoric feeling. It may also also help relieve the following medical symptoms: stress, depression, insomnia, pain, and nausea. You may have dry mouth, paranoid, dry eyes, dizzy and headache as side effects.

Please note that the effects vary from person to person, but based on our data and data from websites such as Leafly and Hytyiva below are the most consistent effects among users.

May Help Relieve

Because of its wide variety of effects, Purple Ice weed is suitable for assisting with a number of medical ailments, conditions, and symptoms. Overall, Purple Ice is considered most suitable for helping with those who are suffering from stress, depression, and insomnia.

Side Effects

Unsurprisingly, the most common side effects that have been reported from Purple Ice marijuana include dry mouth, paranoid, and dry eyes. If you are experiencing these effects, be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Ice

The Purple Ice strain can be very helpful for people who are suffering from hypertension. The strain can also help relieve chronic pains coming from headaches and migraines. Moreover, the Purple Ice strain can also help calm the mind and prevent the worsening of mental problems such as PTSD, Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and stress. It is one ultimate strain to deal with worries brought about unfortunate situations and conditions.

Genetics Info

Even though the origin is shrouded in mystery, Purple Ice cannabis is quite common in warm countries such as Afghanistan, Colombia, Mexico, Thailand. Kush is rich in terpenes humulene, caryophyllene, myrcene, which also regulates the type of high. The THC level of 18% makes the strain suitable for the user of any experience. CBD levels remain at 1%. The buds have a noticeable purple hue and are decorated with white trichomes.

Type of High

PurpleIce marijuana strain induces strong cerebral euphoria, boosts creativity, energizes the mind, uplifts mood. Relieves depression and stress. Followed by relaxation and sleep. Provides nausea and pain control. May cause paranoia and dizziness.

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