Mandala #1 Marijuana Strain Information

Mandala #1

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 1%

Mandala #1 is Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is produced by crossing N. Indian Sativa, NZ Purple Indica and S. African highland Sativa. It can be cultivated both, indoors and outdoors. It has a flowering period of 55 to 60 days. Mandala #1 has a moderate yield of 450g/m2 and results in a medium to slightly tall plant. Its dense buds are really pretty and have a colorful appearance and are covered with crystals. It has a strong effect on your system and makes you feel highly energized and happy. Mandala #1 is a potent strain with a THC level ranging between 18 percent and 21 percent. It has a CBD content of 0.2 percent and CBG level of 1 percent. It has a lovely and natural fragrance with a sweet undertone and an aftertaste similar to that of fresh apples. Its aroma has a citrus, lemon and lime hint as well. This strain has a lovely taste that is a blend of earthy and citrus flavors. Mandala #1 is a good cure for depression and stress of several kinds.

Mandala #1 is no slouch when it comes to psychedelic effects, as it averages around a 20% THC level. Nugs tend to be dense and are very colorful, often showcasing a thick coating of trichomes to boot. Many love the scents and flavors this strain brings to the party, as apples, lemon, lime, mint, and berries all dance and play around your face. With a nice balance of earth and fruit, it’s a strain that pleases savory and sweet fans. Imagine what the marijuana of the old times was like, as ancient wise people probably used it to foresee the future or something along those lines. This strain takes you back to those times, with a set of effects that are dreamy, euphoric, and pretty spacey. While you’ll be full of energy and ready to hug everyone you see, getting tasks done isn’t exactly on the agenda.

Medicinal users appreciate Mandala #1 for its ability to aid in a variety of common ailments, including headaches, cramps, stress, depression, nausea, muscle soreness, and so much more. When you need to escape your body and mind for a while, this strain is a godsend. With around 1% CBG, it’s a nice choice for treating glaucoma as well as for insomnia.

Growing Mandala #1 is a true labor of love, but thankfully minimal effort is actually needed. This strain thrives inside or outdoors and has a very short flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks. Plants grow to be a medium to tall height and give off a lovely aroma. A great choice for beginning growers all the way to experienced cultivators, Mandala #1 is a cash crop for those who turn around larger quantities of plants.

Whisk yourself away to a mystical land where everything is filled with daisies and people doing yoga. If that’s not your vibe, imagine something else instead, but realize that the effects and spirit behind Mandala #1 do emulate a strong history that’s peaceful and serene. Use this strain to reach your higher calling, gain some insight into your own thoughts, or for some much-needed relief from pain and stress. Those who love dessert type strains will appreciate the appeal of Mandala #1 even more.

Mandala #1


One of our breeding goals is to ensure that our strains are flexible and stable so that plants can be raised indoor and undergo the light stress of switching between artificial lighting and sunlight. It is therefore possible to start your garden indoor and shift the plants outdoor for flowering. Cloning and regenerating Mandala #1 is easy. Since this strain has a high percentage of landrace genetics that was adapted to growing on nutrient poor soil, the plants subsist easily in good horticultural grade potting soil and require little feeding if any. We recommend providing an adequate pot size for healthy growth (see SOIL GUIDE for details). Height is average and even the sativa phenotype can be accomodated in small indoor spaces if a 12/12 light period is started early. A Sea of Green style cultivation is best with the Indica phenotype, or with clones (rather than from seed) of both phenotypes. All plants are suitable for SCROG and other forms of training.


This early flowering strain shares the benefits of hardy landrace genetics and a very resinous hybrid to produce robust plants with high bud quality. Mandala #1 impresses with its high cold and pest resistance. The early flowering traits in this cross initiate bud development quickly enough for an abundant yield in September. Even if harsh weather circumstances require harvesting before all plants reach full maturity, they will still deliver a satisfying amount of resin-coated buds.


Very dense long foxtail buds.Extremely crystally inside and out. Very beautiful colors lots of golds, pinks, reds, browns and even some purples. A few phenos were more of the New Zealand Purple and were very dense and fatter, christmas tree shaped and were a beautiful purple pink color.]

Mandala #1


When you first open a jar it smells very distinctly like orange cream soda, then it morphs into a variety of citrus smells,orange, lemon, and lime.The single buds smell very smokey and earthy on a deep inhale. Overall very delicious indeed, I give it a 10 on smell.


Very smooth smokey, citrus, earthy flavor. This is organic, dirt grown medicine and is very easy on the throat with very little coughing involved.


According to the pheno you are smoking, mostly sativa effects. Very mood enhancing, psychedelic effects that hit immediately and started with a warming effect throughout the body.This sativa is not like alot of the psychoactive sativas in that the strain is bred to take out alot of the heart racing, paranoid effects of some sativas. Mike Mandala crossed in the New Zealand purple indica in just the right amount to tone down the frantic effects of the strong landrace sativas. However the strain is very psychedelic and thought provoking, very fun and enjoyable experience.

Why do Patients Use Mandala #1?

Though it is not all that common in medical dispensaries due to its recent emergence, Mandala #1 can be found in medical dispensaries in California and Nevada. It shows huge potential for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects, not to mention its vast energizing and simulative qualities which might have quite a lot of applications for psychological conditions. As a Sativa, it might not be the best option for chronic pain and is best kept for use in the morning as opposed to the evening. It has up to 1% CBG which is beneficial for treating glaucoma, as a sleep aid, and for antimicrobial use. This strain can be applied to a variety of other medical uses as well due to its exceptional quality. As a patient, if you happen to hear that this strain is in your local dispensary, try to get it if possible. It is a premium strain.

Medical Uses of Mandala #1


Side-Effects of Mandala #1

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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