Death Bubba Marijuana Strain Information

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 25% – 27%

Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush strain. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges between 25-27% and effects that can end in an almost death-like sleep. Almost immediately after smoking, you’ll feel a wave of rushing focused energy wash over you that leaves you uplifted and motivated with tendencies towards having psychoactive experiences. As the high continues, you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection and spaciness that can cause you to become distant in social situations. Upon the comedown from the high, Death Bubba pulls you into a deep and peaceful undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours on end, giving you the appearance of being unwakeable. Death Bubba has an aroma of musky earthy pine and a taste of spicy lemon pine with a hint of pungent earth upon exhale. This bud has medium-sized dark forest green nugs with rich purple undertones and a spattering of fiery orange hairs. Each nug is completely covered with dark olive green leaves that are almost furry and have a thick layer of frosty sandy white trichomes.

After the first puff, you’ll be floating on a cloud as the psychoactive properties rush over your body. A burst of energy will leave you feeling focused and motivated, the perfect time to get your affairs in order. As your high advances, you’ll find yourself drifting away from social situations, turning inward and sinking deep into your thoughts. Before long, you’re handed off to the Sandman in a welcome, long lasting slumber. Death Bubba is best used in the evening, before bed, or after work. If you have absolutely nothing to do all day, you could get adventurous and try it as a wake and bake hit.

Death Bubba

A smoke like this is best used for depression and stress as it has both sedative properties and mood stimulating effects, giving you that burst of joy and relaxation you yearn for. Because of its ability to numb the body, this product is highly recommended for chronic pain, inflammation, and spasms. As previously mentioned, it is tremendously useful for those suffering from insomnia and is best used around bedtime for the greatest desired effect. Novice smokers should proceed with caution, as only intermediate to advanced cannabis experience is suggested.

Growing this plant is as cautionary as using it. Beginners beware because this is a finicky plant that might be best left in the hands of someone with lots of experience. It flowers best indoors and must be treated with care and love to get the kind of yield you’re hoping for. If you have years of experience under your belt and want a night of incredible sleep, Death Bubba is a great choice. A tasty flavor profile and tremendous effects make this strain a favorite of many.

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Death Bubba is a pungent strain that reeks of grass and skunk. However, it does have a surprisingly pleasant musky and earthy blend with a hint of pine.


The Death Bubba taste is earthy, sweet, and clean on the palette. It’s got a spicy lemon pine with hints of pungent earth on the exhale.


Death Bubba buds have medium-sized dark forest green nugs with purple undertones and a splash of fiery orange hairs. Each nug is covered with dark olive green leaves that are kind of furry and have a thick layer of frosty white trichomes.

Death Bubba Strain Grow Info

Growing Death Bubba should be done with as much caution as using it. It’s a finicky plant, so beginners should think twice before trying to grow this strain. It may be resilient, but Death Bubba needs a lot of attention.

Due to its indica roots, this plant doesn’t grow too tall. It flowers best indoors and must be treated with love and care to get the best yields. The flowering period is between 8 to 9 weeks, but using hydroponics systems can speed it up by at least a week. Each square meter of the plant produces approximately 10 to 12 ounces of flowers.

Outdoors, the best environment for Death Bubba is an area in which it receives plenty of sunshine. Experienced (expert) growers can get yields of up to 12 ounces of buds in October, which is the harvest time.

THC Content – Highest Test

Originating from two incredibly potent strains, Death Bubba is even more potent than its ancestors. The THC level typically ranges between 25% and 27% but can reach as high as 29%!

Like other strains, different phenotypes have slightly different concentrations of THC. Nevertheless, it falls on the high-THC scale and is not a strain we would recommend to beginners or occasional users.

Death Bubba

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD level of Death Bubba is unknown. Given the high THC content, it likely has a fairly low CBD level – probably less than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Death Bubba Strain

A bud like this is best used for depression and stress as it has both mood stimulating effects and sedative properties, giving users that boost of joy and relaxation that is so welcome. Once Death Bubba takes full effect; there is no other way for users to go other than to sit back and relax.

Moreover, thanks to its ability to numb the body, this strain can be useful in the treatment of chronic pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Also, thanks to its sedative effects, this strain is incredibly helpful for those suffering from insomnia and is best used around bedtime for the greatest desired effects.

Possible Side Effect of the Death Bubba Strain

Like just about every marijuana strain, Death Bubba comes with a few potential side effects that can’t be ignored. Some of these include dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and paranoia. These are all fairly common side effects amongst most strains and can often be combated with regular tricks you may have used in the past, like staying hydrated.

Also, keep in mind that negative side effects are more likely if you consume too much bud. Especially with a potent strain like Death Bubba, just an extra hit or two than what is already adequate can become overwhelming.

Final Thoughts on the Death Bubba Strain

Death Bubba is a potent, hard-hitting strain that induces both a head and body buzz. Active and energized during the early stages, this strain doesn’t take long to unleash its sedating body high that puts users in complete relaxation. Lost in your own deep thoughts, you will eventually drift off to sleep.

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