Darth Vader OG Cannabis Strain Information

Darth Vader OG

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

A genetic breed of Afghani and Kush, this indica dominant strain gets its name from its deep purple colored nuggets. The resinous and dense buds of this plant have an astonishing visual appeal. The plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, has a flowering period of 8 – 9 weeks and produces an average yield. This potent cannabis strain is an excellent cure for physical pains, anxiety, stress, insomnia and eating disorders. A few tokes of this pleasant strain will uplift your mood and trigger your appetite. After the euphoric effects of this strain disappear, you will be left feeling lazy and tired. This marijuana strain works well for those who have trouble sleeping at night. The aroma of this powerful strain is sweet with a sour tinge of grape and compliments the sweet earthy flavor very well. The strain offers a delicious, rich and smooth smoke and its buzz will last a solid 2 – 3 hours. Ideal for a lazy night, this strain will relax and soothe you, offering a floating sensation and helping you to drift off into a restful sleep.

Darth Vader OG

What is fairly clear about this strain is that its potency tops out at 25% THC, making it ideal for more experienced smokers. Buds are very dark in color, playing into her moniker, with violet and blue undertones and are topped off with tons of resin. A sweet and sour mix of grapes and earth blends nicely with spice, herbs, and pepper, making Darth Vader OG a strain for all preferences. Some are a bit offended by her aroma, but thankfully she tastes better than she smells.

Darth Vader OG is a strong strain, to say the least, so if you’re planning on indulging, make sure to completely clear the rest of your evening. Initially, users will enjoy a boost in mood with a joyous rush that hits your brain right away. This can include feelings of arousal, but don’t get too ahead of yourself just yet. Like a flat out assault, this bud will bring heavy sedation to you and practically paralyze you from head to toe. Some may be so tired that they don’t even have the energy to smile and instead will fall fast asleep.

Think back to the last time you were in pain and picture your perfect cure – did it include a total numbing of your mind or body? If so, Darth Vader OG will be your new best friend when it comes to medical ailments. Depression and stress are lifted instantly and physical issues end up getting covered in a blanket of relief. Those who deal with insomnia will only need a few tokes to ensure they have the best night of sleep they’ve achieved in a long time.

At best, experts can guess the type of conditions that Darth Vader OG would need to thrive at home, but no one even knows if seeds or clones are available. Theoretically, this plant probably requires ample sunshine and 8 weeks of flowering time. Yields are rumored to be fairly high, but whether anyone has actually cultivated this strain at home or not is a mystery.

Let’s face it – this strain will likely never cross your path, and like the evil character himself, that may be for the best. Darth Vader OG is incredibly intense and could even throw veteran users for a loop if they aren’t careful. If you do end up with a bit to smoke, pace yourself and don’t try to be a hero.

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The Darth Vader OG marijuana strain has an aroma strongly reminiscent of grapes and berries. You’ll also get a whiff of diesel synonymous with Kush genetics. The berry notes become more noticeable when you grind the buds. It isn’t the best cannabis you have ever smelled, but it is acceptable.


The flavor of Darth Vader OG is undoubtedly better than the scent! On the first inhale, you’ll be rewarded with delicious hints of grapes and berries. It’s almost sweet enough to taste a bit like bubblegum. Once you light up, you’ll also get hints of diesel, earthiness, and berries.


The terpenes and plant compounds that cause the grape and berry flavors have a lovely side effect of turning marijuana black. Namely, it is anthocyanins that cause this coloration.

Anthocyanins are a flavonoid. They provide a sweet berry flavor that many breeders – and users – find desirable. However, they also cause pigmentation. Anthocyanins can turn cannabis shades of purple, sometimes so dark in the hue that it looks black.

Not all Darth Vader OG buds are black. This coloration appears when the plant experiences colder temperatures during growth. You might also see a smattering of orange pistils and glistening trichomes on this strain.

Darth Vader OG Strain Grow Info

Darth Vader OG is generally considered an easy strain to grow. This is largely based on its supposed lineage from the Kush family. You can grow it both indoors or outdoors. It prefers a warm climate, so cultivate it indoors if you live in a cold region.

Darth Vader OG has a very typical indica structure, growing short and sturdy. You definitely won’t need to use stakes because its stalks are quite robust. The short stature of Darth Vader OG makes it ideal for an indoor grow operation.

However, you might need to practice topping. Topping is a low-stress training (LST) technique where you chop a small part off the plant’s top. This encourages the plant to focus its energy on lateral growth. As a result, the leaves at the bottom gain access to light and develop fatter buds.

If you choose to grow inside, use light with at least 600 watts during the flowering period to increase the yield. Speaking of yield, Darth Vader OG will reward your efforts with around 350 grams per plant. This strain has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. If you grow this strain outdoors, you can expect it to flower in the early weeks of October.

THC Content – Highest Test

Darth Vader OG cannabis has an average to high THC content. It has about 18% THC at its lowest, which is a reasonable amount by modern standards. Some samples have tested at 25%, however, which is extremely high.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Darth Vader OG has very little CBD to speak of. The CBD content is seldom higher than 0.3%.

Darth Vader OG

Medical Benefits of the Darth Vader OG Strain

Many people use Darth Vader OG for sleep disorders like insomnia. It may only take a few puffs to help you make the journey to dreamland. Some MMJ patients use Darth Vader OG for stress or anxiety. This strain can relax the mind and is reportedly used for ADD/ADHD.

The relaxing indica effects are also useful for pain. As your muscles begin to relax and release tension, the pain may dissolve. You will end up in a state of couchlock, though. Darth Vader OG will ensure you have no desire to perform any physically challenging tasks.

There is also a possibility that the strain can help with muscle spasms. It could help alleviate the twitches and spasms that come as a result of several disorders.

A final, perhaps unexpected, effect of Darth Vader OG is its ability to relieve eye pressure. Glaucoma is a condition that appears on most medical marijuana lists because research suggests MMJ could alleviate intraocular pressure.

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