Rough Rider Indica

Fans of zingy and citrusy cannabis strains will adore Rough Rider Indica. It has a wonderful tangerine and citrus flavor profile, as well as deep earthy undertones on exhale. Rough Rider Indica can help with a range of issues, including arthritis, sadness, and any inflammation-related issues.

Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam is recognized as the birthplace of the legendary Rough Rider Indica strain. It rose to popularity after taking home the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010. Let’s take a look at some of Rough Rider Indica’s most notable characteristics.

What Is the Rough Rider Indica Strain?

Rough Rider Indica is a cross of Neville’s A5 Haze (a sativa) and G13 (an indica). Rough Rider Indica, an indica that mixes Neville’s A5 Haze and G13, has a THC concentration of around 22%, although it can reach 25 percent. Its CBD content is also extremely low; the majority of test results revealed 0.10 mg or less. Users who require pain alleviation prefer this strain.

Rough Rider Indica is a strain with analgesic properties, which is one of Rough Rider Indica’s major health benefits. As a result, Rough Rider Indica is an attractive option for people utilizing cannabis to relieve pain. The effects of this sativa variety are primarily sativa in nature owing to its high THC concentration and low CBD percentage. Users describe Rough Riders Indicas’ effects as uplifting, euphoric, and energizing. After the initial buzz fades away, however, Rough Rider Indica leaves a nice sense of calmness.

The California Dreaming strain is one that has been around for a long time and is still quite popular. Many West Coast dispensaries continue to offer it.


Rough Rider Indica has a strong citrusy and sweet scent. However, these are counterbalanced by faint mustiness, pungent odors, and earthy scents.


The taste of Rough Rider Indica is similar to that of its name, which means it has a pleasant orange citrus flavor.


The legendary Rough Rider Indica is a potent THC strain with brilliant orange pistils and thick, sticky buds. It grows to be about a meter tall when ripe.

 Rough Rider Indica Strain Grow Info

The Rough Rider Indica is a challenging marijuana strain to grow. One advantage is that it is disease-resistant naturally. Rough Rider Indica may be grown indoors or outside, in soil or hydroponically. Tangerining Dream thrives and benefits from a warm, dry environment when cultivated outdoors in an area with plenty of sunshine. When cultivated outside, the temperature range should be between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor flowering period for ‘Rough Rider Indica’ is between 8 and 10 weeks. Rough Rider Indica may produce up to 16 ounces of flower per square meter when cultivated outside. Indoor production tends to be somewhat higher, at around 18 ounces per square meter.

The Rough Rider Indica grows well in an aquarium, especially when paired with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. To guarantee adequate air circulation and light exposure, prune these plants heavily during the vegetative stage.

To guarantee robust health and stronger resistance to infections, it’s a good idea to feed the plant with a variety of macronutrients on a regular basis. Silica is known to assist create tougher cell walls. It may aid in the development of a healthier plant by producing thicker branches and leaves that are less permeable to microbial spores (such as powdery mildew).

Drying and Curing

To enhance the terpene profile and maintain THC content, pay close attention to drying and curing the buds. You may hang the buds by the stem or place them on drying racks for five to ten days. It’s critical to keep the buds in a dark place away from sunlight while they’re drying. Keep the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 50 percent during this time.

A small fan in the room can aid with air circulation, but be sure the buds aren’t becoming too dry. Mold formation will be considerably reduced if buds are properly dried. Rough Rider Indica buds should have a crisp appearance. The snap test is a good method to determine moisture content in plants. When you bend them, they should snap rather than fold.

Remove the stems and leaves from the buds before storing them in an airtight container (such as a wide-mouthed mason jar). Store the jars in a cool, dry location. Open the jars (known as burping) at least three times a day for around 5-10 minutes during the first week to allow moisture and gases to escape.

After the first week, open the jars only a few times per week for 5-10 minutes at a time. Curing for two to three weeks is usually enough to get excellent results. However, those with more patience can wait four to six weeks for better outcomes. Keep in mind that curing times will differ based on bud size, weather conditions, and moisture levels. The greatest THC concentration ever recorded in an Rough Rider Indica sample was approximately 25 percent. Rough Rider Indica is a low CBD strain; most samples contain around 0.1 percent CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Rough Rider Indica Strain

The Rough Rider Indica strain is a popular medical cannabis option. Users report feeling happy and euphoric, followed by a quiet and focused demeanor.

Rough Rider Indica is a strain that customers praise for being uplifting, happy, and euphoric. As a result, medicinal marijuana users employ Rough Rider Indica to treat problems such as sadness and anxiety. It’s commonly used to reduce stress since it can also induce calmness.

Rough Rider Indica is a type of indica that is popular among patients looking to reduce chronic discomfort and inflammation. Its effectiveness in relieving arthritic and muscular pain has been praised by users.

Possible Side Effects of the Rough Rider Indica Strain

The most severe negative effects are cottonmouth and dry eyes, owing to its high THC concentration. Overindulgence, on the other hand, might cause anxiety, dizziness, and a headache.

Final Thoughts

The Rough Rider Indica is a well-balanced hybrid with an indica/sativa ratio of 60/40 that is best suited to seasoned marijuana users. Its uplifting and energizing qualities make it ideal for everyday use.

Many of Rough Rider Indica’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are anti-inflammatory. It has a variety of health benefits, including treating mood disorders and stress and pain management. However, medicinal marijuana patients should be aware that the THC concentration in Rough Rider Indica is generally around 22%, but it can occasionally reach 25%.

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