Snow Cone Hybrid

707 Seedbank’s Snow Cone Hybrid is a nearly balanced variety, combining the powerful Snow Cone Hybrid cannabis with two well-known strains: the Snowman and 707 Chemdawg. Because of this cross, the THC concentration ranges from 21% to 24%. It’s ideal for individuals with prior experience using marijuana. The CBD content is 0.41 percent -1.25%. Snow Cone Hybrid has a flavor profile made up of the following terpenes: PE (orange), CBG (blue), HU (purple), VOCs are OK

  • Pinene
  • Humulene
  • Sabinene
  • Ocimene
  • Terpinolene

 Snow Cone Hybrid Strain Aroma and Taste

The first thing recalled with this cannabis’ scent is represented by the two terpenes Humulene and Ocimene, which give it a buttery aroma. The latter also has an earthy flavor. Pinene adds a skunk note to the mix.

Sabinene and Terpinolene are the oils in orange that give it its distinctive scent. Terpinolene, which is present in Snow Cone Hybrid, gives it a pleasant mango taste.

Snow Cone Hybrid Main Effects

The Snow Cone Hybrid strain is a cross between the Snow Cone and Kosher Kush. It has a pleasant, fluffy feel to it and comes in three strengths. A little tingle starts the pleasant head and body high created by this Cannabis plant breed. The Snow Cone Hybrid’s Sativa component might make people horny at first. When the sedative effect kicks in, on the other hand, stoners just want to lie down and eat.

 Snow Cone Hybrid Common Usage

The Snow Cone Hybrid has several features that might aid those suffering from the following illnesses:

  • Anxiety
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines

 Snow Cone Hybrid Strain Side Effects

If you want to smoke Snow Cone Hybrid cannabis, be aware of the following potential negative effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Panic attacks

 Snow Cone Hybrid Info For Growers

According to growers with expertise, this strain is reportedly difficult to grow. According to Photoperiod seeds’ descriptions, the Snow Cone Hybrid plant can be produced. They are susceptible to cold temperatures, so be cautious. Indoor cultivation is most popular among growers.

The average height of a snow cone plant is around 60-80 centimeters. Indoor cultivation yields 400 g / m2 per square. If the plant is outside, it yields 550 g per plant. Snow Cone Hybrid blooms in 9-11 weeks on average. It’s easiest to pick it on the 83rd day after planting.

Snowman Strain

Snowman OG is a potent version of the decadent Girls Scout Cookies strain, and as a result, it comes with the baggage (or bonus!) of a touch of vanilla. The diesel exhale is up to you whether this mixes well with the Snowman OG. However, unlike Berner’s Snowman, which was bred by him, this isn’t the same strain. Regardless, you won’t be disappointed spending time with this particular snowman – he’s an original; after all.

The Snowman OG is a great strain to chill out and unwind with. If you have free time in the afternoon, you should skip it; if you don’t even bother to make a schedule, Snowman OG may be your old buddy. He encourages individuals to be creative, lazy, and calm without requiring them to worry about anything else. This idea appeals to Snowman OG.

He encourages self-reflection, a type of super-reality in which you are at the center of your mind’s cerebral and elevated, yet not unfocused or sleeping. You’ll be physically tired but not drowsy as you begin to savor its distinctive tastes.

The sweet vanilla from Snowman OG’s family is delicious, yet incredibly hard to miss once it touches your tongue. The overtones are spicier, with fuel tastes and herbal, fruity aftertastes. The odor definitely has a characteristic of herbs, gasoline, and kush-like spice that becomes sour at the end. The strain is fairly balanced in terms of Sativa vs Indica; it leans 60 percent toward Sativa and 40% toward Indica. Its effects are also quite even.

Those who get the most out of Snowman OG are people with sadness, stress, and anxiety. You may utilize Snowman OG’s hunger to find your stomach if you notice a lack of hunger during the day. If your evenings are spent battling migraines or headaches, you can use the cerebral effects of this strain to locate that happy spot in your mind where your head doesn’t throb any more.

The Snowman strain may produce a gas-like aroma on the exhale, but it also gives you inspiration and relaxation. On a lazy afternoon, Snowman OG might help you get lost in thought. A respectable low-mid 20s THC level is hidden under its lumpy, frosty green nugs and sticky resin cloak, which should handle any pesky migraines or post-work anxiety while also taking care of racing, unpleasant ideas. All you have to do now is put your soul into the hands of the Snowman.

707 Chemdawg Strain

The Chemdawg strain is a legendary cannabis breed with an unknown genetic heritage. While it is thought to have been bred by US farmers from Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces, many individuals have claimed responsibility for its creation. Chemdawg’s origins are recounted in several different ways, including one tale in which seed traders at a Grateful Dead concert confusedly exchanged seeds among themselves, and another story in which the strain’s parentage is credited to a Colorado strain known as Dog Bud (so named because it makes smokers roll over like dogs). Despite its origins, Chemdawg has established itself as a classic in the American cannabis industry because of its unique flavor and upbeat, active high. It’s also been used to create several well-liked and successful strains by crossingbreed. THC content in Chemdawg has been measured at between 15% and 20%.

Chemdawg buds have medium-sized crystals that are somewhat distinct from those of hybrid or pure indica strains. The flowers are long and tapered rather than popcorn-like, with leaves that are relatively loose and feathery. Spring green leaves are covered in sticky white trichomes, giving buds a silvery sheen. Buds of Chemdawg are difficult to break up by hand because to their loose structure and resinous texture; users preparing flowers for joints or pipes will have an easier time with a grinder. Red to orange pistils run through the sticky blooms. The characteristic aroma of a chemical welding mask is that of a diesel engine (which many claim is the source of the “chem” in its name). The pungent flowers give off earthy musky and pine scents as well. This strain has clean smoke with an acidic flavor when smoked. Chemdawg’s smoke reveals its distinctive diesel taste on the exhale, with an ammonia-like sweetness that lingers in the upper part of your mouth.

Chemdawg has a strong, almost gasoline-like taste. It’s not unusual for smokers to feel the high hit quickly, sometimes before they’ve had time to enjoy the unique diesel aroma. Smokers may sense a sharpening of their senses and an enhanced hyper-awareness of their surroundings. The initially disorienting head high becomes more productively cerebral and introspective in the proper setting. Chemdawg can spark lively debate. Its capability to magnify sensory experiences makes it ideal for artistic pursuits as well. Many users report a physical sensation of relaxation, although nothing near couchlock – which has led some to believe that Chemdawg contains indica genes. The mental focus and strength provided by this strain’s cerebral high has made it helpful in treating stress, anxiety, and even PTSD-related symptoms. Some Chemdawg devotees claim to have experienced pain alleviation as well as headaches and migraines. Because of its potency and mental concentration, Chemdawg has the ability to induce manic, recursive thinking that could result in paranoia. Even people with a high tolerance for THC should moderate their usage according to these guidelines because Chemdawg may cause manic, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia.

is a strain that is better suited to more experienced growers because of its Chemdawg is a strain that may only be grown as a clone if a cutting from an adult plant is obtained. Chemdawg packaged seeds are now available from many seed companies. It’s more commonly cultivated inside than outside, since it needs careful maintenance in order to keep mold and mildew at bay. Indoor cultivation necessitates some attention – Sativa-type plants can grow up to 5 feet tall, therefore growers should bend and prune them early on in the vegetative stage in order to maintain them at a reasonable height. When grown indoors, plants produce a huge yield and flower in 9 to 10 weeks on average: growers may anticipate 65 to 75 grams per square meter (2.3-2.6 ounces per square foot) of plant when cultivating Chemdawg. Because of Chemdawg’s strong flavor, any growers concerned with privacy or discretion should consider investing in indoor odor-control methods like carbon air filters or exhaust fans to prevent their plants from drooping under the weight of the flowers.

Its potency has made it a coveted crossbreed. Its offshoots include the Chemdawg 91 phenotype and the immensely popular hybrids of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It has a strong pungency that keeps users awake rather than putting them to sleep, with an almost eye-watering intensity and energy boosting and cognitive stimulation effects. Chemdawg can be used for both practical tasks and more celebratory events since it keeps heads racing and conversation flowing.

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