Green Lantern Sativa

The Green Lantern Sativa has the ability to inflict irreversible brain damage. It does not clarify how it obtained this power, but it is uncertain. Its creator is unknown, although there appears to be a belief that it was produced through a fertilization between Green Crack and White Rhino.

Information about Green Lantern Sativa

In a sense, the fact that it has been rumored to be connected to other strains is evidence of its excellence. People don’t talk about obscure and useless strains, after all. Green Lantern Sativa, on the other hand, is an exception. Green Crack’s reputation for being both powerful and productive is evident in much of its structure. Both possess traits such as encouraging mental activity at a high level. It’s clear why this plant piques the interest of individuals who engage in intensive cognitive activity.

Green Lantern Sativa is a sativa strain with an understated cerebral high and a mild and soothing body effect, similar to Green Crack. It seems that White Rhino has verified yet another distinct characteristic in its DNA – therapeutic effects.

Outside the United States, it is mostly unknown. It is not readily available, although it has withstood the test of time since debuting in the 1960s, when it may have begun as early as 1950. Although seeds are not offered, dispensaries do occasionally produce flowers. One thing to keep in mind is that one variety is named after another line descended from a different strain known as OG Kush, Purple Urkle, and Killer Queen. A mix of these three strains was used to create a hybrid called K2 (Killer Queen), which is a cross between them.


After a hit, Green Lantern Sativa may take a while to work. Despite the fact that it has up to 28% THC, mental stimulation does not have a violent impact on users.

Green Lantern Sativa begins to make people sensitive to their surroundings shortly after its use. Despite the buzzing high, these heightened senses also translate to an amazing capacity for concentration. The strain, like caffeine, boosts energy in a similar way. It can truly help individuals stay focused and driven as they work or do chores.

Aside from psychic effects, the drug may also change behavior. Its capacity to inspire happiness and lift the spirits can make a person’s day brighter. Most individuals nowadays are not only sociable but also chatative, to say the least. A light, relaxing bodily high gradually develops throughout time, complemented by these extraordinary cerebral effects.

Some consumers may be susceptible to the devastating force of Green Lantern Sativa. Its psychedelic high may be too powerful. If this occurs, one’s depth perception could alter. Sound might be amplified while sights brighten in such circumstances. Users instead become increasingly introspective as a result of being on the run and keeping active.


Breaking the bud of Green Lantern Sativa releases a lemony and earthy fragrance that is complemented by a pine undertone. It also emits a fiery note when broken apart.


The scent of this strain is reminiscent of a citrine. This strain’s profile is most citrusy, with a distinct note of pine. It leaves a peppery, fiery aftertaste when exhaled. While the flavor itself is fine, the smoke is on the harsh side and causes some people to cough softly.

Adverse Reaction

Some drawbacks come with Green Lantern Sativa. Dry mouth and eyes are common effects of marijuana use. Its overpowering, buzzing characteristics might induce dizziness in some individuals. When users reach their tolerance limit, it has the ability to create mild paranoia or anxiety.


What else can Green Lantern Sativa do, if not offer a soaring euphoria? This strain’s stress-eliminating abilities are unrivaled. Depression patients may benefit greatly from the mood-boosting properties of Green Lantern Sativa.

The leaves, stalks, and roots of this plant are chewed for medical purposes to alleviate the symptoms of pains. It is a natural pain reliever that provides respite from headaches and muscular pains caused by chronic diseases.

This strain has the ability to stimulate appetite and cause people to want food. As a result, it is an excellent hunger stimulant.


In a dry and warm climate, Green Lantern Sativa should thrive. It has the ability to naturally produce more yield than Indica plants owing to its structure. This is also due to a longer flowering period.

In most cases, individuals will choose to grow their plants in a hydroponics system. It may also aid in the improvement of yield and speed up growth by combining it with stress training. The plant might reach more than 3 meters tall outdoors. It’s preferable not to grow it in an area where there might be extreme temperature swings.

However, the seeds of Green Lantern Sativa are not available to home growers.

Flowering Time

To 9 weeks, it’s possible to reduce the bloom duration. However, it is still prudent to allow at least a week before harvesting. With an average yield of 12-16 ounces per square meter,

If you live in a warm-winter climate, such as California or Florida, you should cut down the plants by the end of October.

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