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Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist cannabis strain is an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid. The kush is also known as Mad S. With THC levels reaching 24%, this herb is suitable for only experienced users. Her onset is very strong and immediate. Mad Scientist marijuana smells of coffee with hints of zesty lemon. The buds are large and fluffy with purple and blue hints, completely covered in trichomes. Mad Scientist marijuana strain is good for evening and night time recreational and medical use.

Mad Scientist has strikingly large, spherical flowers composed of tightly curled leaves and pistils. The dense, indica-typical buds are hard and solid. Leaves themselves are a mossy green and contrast with a high concentration of bright orange, pollen-catching pistils. Parent strain White Widow passes on a tendency for high resin production, giving these buds a thick coating of silvery trichomes. When properly cured, flowers of Mad Scientist have the heady aroma of citrus and musk. Some acrid skunkiness is present as a base note, likely the influence of Afghani indica roots. When combusted, this strain can have a harsh, eye-stinging smoke that leaves behind the taste of pine and lemon when exhaled.

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This hybrid’s high creeps up, often taking effect well after smokers have finished savoring its unique taste. Effects begin in the mind, with a notably altered perception of setting; sounds and visuals may appear sharper or more intense. Thoughts may begin to race — but this strain won’t turn you into an actual mad scientist. Instead, as users adjust to the high, they may experience their surroundings as psychedelic or surreal. Mad Scientist also has some palpable physical effects. As the high progresses, relaxation spreads down from the shoulders and through the core, killing tension and facilitating deep, cleansing breathing. The combination of effects on mind and body makes this a great choice for an afternoon stroll, a creative project, or simply a lazy lounge session. Perhaps unsurprisingly because of its THC content, this can be a potent strain even for more experienced cannabis smokers.

Mad Scientist can also be beneficial for medical cannabis patients. Its relaxing physical properties can provide relief from aches and pains — both incidental, due to injury, or chronic, due to conditions like fibromyalgia or lupus. It can ease headaches and, in large enough doses, can lull insomnia patients into a restful sleep. This strain’s uplifting sativa side can help boost the moods of those struggling against stress or depression. Its feeling of lucid focus can also aid users with attention deficit disorders. Because of the uptick in cerebral activity in early stages of the high, Mad Scientist may not be the best choice for those prone to paranoia or anxiety.

Mad Scientist

Producers Sannie’s Seeds have made seeds of Mad Scientist available for commercial retail. Prospective growers can also take clippings of mature plants of this strain in order to grow genetic clones. Mad Scientist can be grown indoors or out. Outdoor cultivation requires Mediterranean-like climates with consistent daytime temperatures in the 72 to 80 degree Fahrenheit range. It has short and bushy plants, characteristic of other indica varieties, that can easily fit in indoor grow spaces. This plant should also be trimmed of any high-growing fan leaves that could block air and light from reaching the lower flowering nodes. Mad Scientist flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. It offers a solid yield of about 51 grams (or 1.8 ounces) of flower per square foot of plant. Curing the buds — by first hanging them up to dry and then sealing them in airtight containers with moderate humidity — can help preserve their sticky trichomes and kushy citrus flavor.

Versatile enough for use at any time of day, Mad Scientist is well-rounded enough to gain a substantial following among fans of hybrids. Its genes have already proved useful enough to cross with buzzy sativa Timewreck to yield the cleverly-named Dr. Who. Mad Scientist’s sky-high resin production also makes it a valuable strain for the production of hash and other concentrates.

What are the flavors and effects of Mad Scientist?

The flavors of Mad Scientist are coffee, lemon, sweet, nuts, wood and pine. Mad Scientist is an exceptionally touted Indica hybrid. First-time users of this strain might be shocked by the power of this psychological stimulation. A couple of puffs and the user would get high. Its mood-improving characteristic motivates a feeling of bliss from inside. Simultaneously, it also gets the body moving with a rejuvenating buzz. Users regularly have a clear state of mind despite the fast progression of creative thoughts. In any case, it can rapidly transform into a haze if one somehow happened to enjoy it.

What are the Medical Benefits of Mad Scientist?

Mad Scientist is known for being a recreational strain; however it can also be utilized to ease different medicinal issues. This adaptability is because of the psychoactive mixes and cannabinoids cooperating to give it helpful worth.  Mad Scientist is a treatment for sleep deprivation. Its relaxing impacts can make you feel sleepy and exceptionally loose. As a pain reliever, it assists with headaches, spasms, and weakness. It also loosens up the stomach to cater to any gastrointestinal issues. All things considered, it tends to be utilized to reduce nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist’s potency includes some major disadvantages. Utilizing it can dehydrate clients and cause eyes and throat to feel dry. The two conditions are unavoidable with cannabis use and are something clients get familiar with in time. It is additionally conceivable that a few people may have mellow headaches. Like other high THC strains, Mad Scientist can possibly actuate slight paranoia. It is uncommon, obviously, as it tends to happen to users who abuse or overestimate their THC resilience. 

Mad Scientist

Type of High

Mad Scientist cannabis strain induces strong cerebral euphoria and body buzz followed by deep sedation and couchlock. Uplifts mood, energizes the mind, prompts laughter. Alleviates stress, stimulates appetite, has good analgesic properties.

Grow information

Mad Scientist is an indica-leaning hybrid that produces small, sturdy plants that require little maintenance. Mad Scientist may require some odor-control measures should cultivators decide to grow the plant indoors. The strain reaches full maturity in eight to nine weeks inside and mid-October outdoors. In favorable conditions, Mad Scientist produces more than 19 ounces of heavy, trichome-dense flowers per plant. Mad Scientist is available as seeds and clones.

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