Lavender Marijuana Strain


A “lavender” strain of marijuana is a cannabis plant that contains the genes for lavender. The color can range from blueish purple to pink, and they usually have an earthy smell with hints of citrus. There are many different varieties that offer something new in terms of experience but most will provide you with mellow or sleepy effects depending on your preference!
Lavender is a popular marijuana strain that has gained popularity over the years. It’s a great choice for those who want to relax after a long day, or if you’re stressed and need something to help calm your nerves. Lavender contains about 25% THC, which makes it quite potent. In this blog post, we will talk about how to grow lavender cannabis weed at home so you can enjoy it any time of day!
One of the best parts about this variety is how easy it is to grow even if you’re a novice at growing cannabis plants because they are hearty yet sensitive and will thrive with minimal effort on your part. The flowering time can take anywhere from 45-55 days depending on where you live (higher latitudes require more light). For those who have experience in cultivating marijuana before, these plants should be no problem whatsoever so long as water levels and nutrients are maintained properly during production while also providing plenty of space for growth!
It’s important when harvesting Lavender to keep in mind that this plant has a high THC concentration and must be dried or cured properly for the best results.

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Lavender Marijuana Strain

It’s also important not to harvest Lavender too early, as it will take much longer than normal cannabis plants to mature due to its genetic makeup (it grows more slowly). This means you can have up to three harvests per season instead of just one! A single plant is capable of producing about 20g before being harvested.

Growing Lavender Cannabis

In order to grow lavender cannabis, you’ll need the following supplies: soil, light (either an indoor or outdoor garden), potting mix, fertilizer, and a container with drainage holes. This is a great strain for beginner growers as it can be grown indoors.
Your first step in growing your own lavender weed would be getting some seeds from your local marijuana dispensary. If you don’t have one nearby then there are plenty of online sources that sell them too! The next thing you need to do is prepare the area where you want to plant your seedlings – either outdoors or inside. You should choose somewhere away from direct sunlight so they aren’t exposed until their third day when they will start needing light.
Lavender weed can be grown indoors, but outdoor gardens have greater yields. When planting your lavender cannabis seeds in soil outdoors or inside of a container make sure it has been well watered so the soil does not dry out and kill them. You also need to know which way is north when you are planning to grow it outside – this will help orient all of your plants!
The final step for growing lavender marijuana is watering! Be careful not to overwater because too much moisture can cause root rot among other issues. The best idea would be checking on how wet the top inch of dirt feels before you give lavender weed any more water. If they feel like soup then cut back some irrigation until their deep roots form (you can do this by watering around the perimeter of your plant rather than directly on top).
When you are looking to find lavender cannabis seeds, you will have a much better chance if they are purchased from an established breeder with a good reputation. They should also be organic and non-GMO which means that there was no use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in their cultivation. This ensures not only safety but quality as well!
You can also find lavender marijuana seeds by going through a reputable seed bank online. They will offer free shipping and they have been certified for their high-quality cannabis strains which makes them the best choice when looking to buy weed from an unknown source. There are many different varieties of lavender that range in color, size, smell and taste so if you’re not sure what strain is right for you then take some time browsing before making your purchase!

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How to use Lavender Marijuana?

In order to use lavender marijuana, you will need a bong or pipe, some weed (or butane lighter), and someone to smoke with. First, grind the dried Lavender cannabis strain up finely using your hands then pack it into the bowl of the bong/pipe as tightly as possible with no air pockets in between so that there is instant contact when lit for maximum potency and minimized wasted product. Once packed insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and light on fire from below until all of the plant material has been ignited at which point blow out any remaining hot ash before inhaling deeply through your nose. Wait two minutes after inhalation before passing to avoid coughing! Smoke responsibly.

Benefits of using Lavender Marijuana

While this strain has many benefits, it also comes with some side effects to be aware of. For example, the high can have a slightly negative impact on focus and productivity if overused or used in too large doses so use this strain wisely!
Lavender is an extremely potent cannabis strain that produces strong euphoric sensations when smoked.

  • Lavender provides relief from depression;
  • Lavender increases creativity;
  • The taste of lavender is sweet without being cloying.
    Lavender is both a stimulant and a depressant, which can make it difficult for people to know how they will react. The high from this strain has been described as being more cerebral than physical so cannabis users may experience feelings of relaxation without the brain fog that other strains produce.

Side Effects of using Lavender Marijuana

Some side effects associated with using lavender are dizziness, dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia.

Marijuana smokers who use Lavenderyou should beware of overdoing it because it’s a potent flavor/high that makes these sensations easy to get carried away with and end up partaking more than what would be considered safe limits!

Lavender Marijuana Strain

What’s the perfect time to smoke Lavender?

The best time to smoke this strain is in the afternoon or evening when you’re looking for a more cerebral high.
This strain is perfect for daytime smoking and those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or migraines.

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