Original Glue Marijuana Strain

Original Glue

Original Glue marijuana strain is a very high-quality cannabis product that many growers are looking to grow in their homes. It is a sativa dominant hybrid of Haze and Skunk, with a taste that combines sweet lemon with pine. The flavor profile can be described as tangy and it provides an uplifting feeling while the body effects are both energetic and relaxing. Original Glue marijuana strain has been popularized by its original production location (Oregon) because of how well it did there. There’s also some evidence suggesting that this type of weed may have originated in Oregon in the first place!
The high THC levels make this a potent strain with varying effects. The Original Glue marijuana strain is known to be very cerebral in nature, making it perfect for enjoying some good music or other activities which are considered creative. It has been characterized as an excellent “wake and bake” type of cannabis product because its mental stimulation can easily replace morning coffee that would otherwise have to be consumed throughout the day. On top of all these great qualities, Original Glue cannabis strains also produce large yields!

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Original Glue Marijuana Strain

Growing Instructions

Just like any other weed plant, growing instructions vary based on personal factors such as experience level and desired yield size (or how many plants you want). However, some steps should always be followed if possible no matter what your goal is.
-Find a suitable location with proper drainage and plenty of natural light (sunlight). Although there are ways to grow indoors, the easiest way to start your Original Glue marijuana plants off right is by finding an outdoor spot!
-Plant in well-drained soil that has been amended with some compost or manure. Make sure it drains very quickly because this will help avoid root rot which can lead to stunted growth and increased vulnerability to pests/diseases.
-Put up plastic sheeting around your area 24 hours before planting so you don’t have weed seeds blowing into your garden at the last minute from other locations nearby while waiting for those original glue seeds to grow (If growing indoor sex include the plastic sheeting).
-It is important to water the Original Glue plants evenly so they don’t dry out. The plant will need a total of at least six hours worth of sunlight each day, but it can grow in slightly lower temperatures and still produce quality cannabis.
-If you want these weed seeds to stay small and short as possible then 24/0 light cycles work best for this strain! Pinch off all main colas on your original glue marijuana plants after one month of elapsed growth from germination, leave only three or four smaller ones (if any). This method can help promote more branching.
-If you want your original glue to produce more colas then let them grow out until day 50 or so. There are two ways of dealing with this: one way is to pinch off all the small side shoots from the plant as it grows, and the second is a little trickier but will leave fewer leaves on the plant (and potentially less chlorophyll). Wait for around half an inch of new growth before pinching these smaller branches off; make sure they rip right down at their base. This should force energy into producing bigger buds in that area!
-Start flowering your Original Glue marijuana plants about 60 days after germination if growing indoors. Outside wait another week or two longer depending on how cold it gets up there.
-Original Glue cannabis is a heavy yielder. Expect to harvest between 700 and 800 grams per square foot of growing space under an HPS light, or about 400g/sq ft/m in the Northern hemisphere.
-Outdoor growers should be harvesting their Original Glue weed plants around October 20th if they want them to mature properly with ample time for curing; indoors it’s a little earlier (around September 15). The first week of November is usually best before things dry out too much up North. This strain keeps its indica dominance even when grown outside although she tends to flower quicker than many other strains which can lead her towards becoming more sativa dominant over time. She will also stay short making her perfect for small spaces.
-The high from the OG Kush gives you an uplifting, euphoric feeling that goes hand in hand with creative and social activities like art or music while not being so intense as to make you uncomfortable.
-The flavor is like a sweet, earthy tea with an aroma of lemon and pine trees. The taste finishes cleanly without an unpleasant aftertaste or lingering odor. OG Kush takes anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour for full effects but the high lasts up to four hours before slowly coming down into a relaxed state that can last all night long if you so choose to stay awake.
-It’s important not to let her grow too big as she will lose some of those head high “kushy” qualities in favor of more body stone characteristics which may be desirable depending on your needs at that time.

Original Glue Marijuana Strain

Benefits of using Original Glue marijuana strain

One of the major benefits of Original Glue is that it has been bred to be an indica-dominant strain with powerful pain relief properties. If you need a little something to take away some aches and pains, this weed will make you forget about your troubles. The heavy feeling that OG Kush induces can help come down from anxiety or panic attacks too. It’s often used by people who have chronic conditions like PTSD or lupus because it tamps down on these symptoms without inducing paranoia.

Side effects of the cannabis strain

It’s not uncommon for people who smoke OG Kush to experience dry eyes, headaches, and cottonmouth. Users should be prepared with some eye drops or lubrication if they anticipate any of these side effects occurring. This weed is so powerful that it can also cause users to feel sleepy afterward too. If you need something a little more uplifting, try another strain instead like Skywalker or Strawberry Cough.

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