Kong Marijuana Strain Information


Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Kong is a Indica medical marijuana strain, which was first bred by crossbreeding the White Russian and Bubble Gum strains. It has a medium to high THC content. Kong has an earthly aroma that is pungent and hashy, and the flavor is a mix of its Pink Bubblegum heritage with skunk and sweet fruit and spices. The high is a combination of a physical body-sedating stone, and an invigorating cerebral reaction. Medically, it is getting plenty of use as a great reliever of insomnia and lack of appetite. Indoors, the Kong can reach medium heights, growing taller when outside. Having generous, midway green leaves, and compact buds that are large and flowered with plenty of silvery crystal, this strain is good for the average smoker or those who are new to smoking their meds.

With a name like Kong, you’d expect these flowers to be king-sized luckily, the strain delivers, with large, chunky buds that adhere in elongated, almost cylindrical formations. These nugs have a characteristically indica bud structure, thick and densely-packed. The leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted through with rust-colored pistils. Sometimes, Kong’s flowers are patched with deep blue and purple hues; these surprising colors come about when pigments called anthocyanins in the strain’s genetics are activated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, like King Kong himself, Kong is very hairy albeit in this case with fuzzy trichomes, making the buds particularly hard to break up without a quality grinder.


When properly cured, Kong’s flowers bloom with a bright, lemony scent. On closer inspection, there’s also a slightly dank, vegetal character lurking underneath. Grinding up or breaking open these buds releases some surprisingly spicy, hashy notes. When combusted, Kong burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke that carries a citrus-tinged flavor on the exhale with some diesel fumes lingering on the palate.

Kong hits quickly for an indica, enveloping the smoker with a close, warming sensation and exerting some blood pressure around the eyes and temples. For some, the force of this strain’s bodily relaxation can be disorienting at first. Once acclimated, though, smokers are typically able to ease into the high with a calm mind. Progressively, waves of relaxation spread down from the neck radiating out through the core and limbs so much so that this powerful bud is liable to lay newbies out flat with its lazy vibes. Kong also comes with some mental distortion, but any thoughts it inspires tend to be more spacey than cerebral and analytical. Some smokers also report feelings of sensory distortion, including the uncanny feeling of time passing more quickly or extremely slowly. As Kong can provoke giggles for some, it can prove useful for bringing about camaraderie in laid-back social situations. As this high progresses or as dosage is increased, couch lock becomes more and more likely, even for more experienced users. Under the right circumstances, Kong may lull consumers into a deep and restful sleep. Because of its almost narcotic effects, this is a strain best reserved for evening or nighttime use.

Kong’s sedative effects may also have several applications for medical cannabis patients. It can dull deep aches and pains, whether they’re temporary or chronic. Its anti-inflammatory properties may also soothe irritations like indigestion and headaches. Psychologically speaking, Kong can temporarily take the edge off of mild to moderate cases of stress, depression, and anxiety. As noted, it can also counteract insomnia. Because this strain is unlikely to bring about the kind of obsessive thinking that leads to paranoia, it can be a good choice for those who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Fortunately, Holy Smoke has made seeds of Kong available for sale online. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Growers should be sure to regularly “top” these squat and bushy crops by trimming away any broad fan leaves that can block light and air from reaching low-growing flowering nodes. Those looking to bring out Kong’s vibrant blue and purple potential should expose their plants to nighttime temperatures at least 10 to 15 degrees below average just before flowering begins. Kong is ready for harvest within 6 to 8 weeks when grown indoors.


Much like Afghani, AK 47 and other classic chronic strains of yesteryear, Kong typically carries a dark-green color and comes packaged in heavy football- and fist-shaped buds, with a dense nug structure, hairy pistil coverage and a sparkling coat of trichomes.


Anyone who loves the older scents of cannabis would love Kong’s throwback aroma. The strain carries a mix of skunky and sour notes with zesty smells of wood and hash on the back end.


The tart, funky flavors of Kong shine through immediately after each toke, leaving a lasting skunky aftertaste that’ll give away any toker without a breath mint. Subtle tastes of hash and bark creep in as well.


Kong is generally labeled an indica or indica-dominant hybrid, but I usually enjoy it as a daytime strain — though I can see how it could put low-tolerance users to sleep after a couple of hours. Its relaxing traits don’t drain energy, and its visual, cerebral effects still allow me to stay focused. Kong also relaxes the stomach, making it an option for combating nausea, eating disorders, muscle spasms and stress.


Home grower’s take

“Kind of hard to find in clones, but you can order seeds of it. Wouldn’t recommend it for newbies, based on what I’ve heard. Nothing that hard about it from my experiences, but I do hear from friends that even small temperature fluctuations can really fuck up the buds. If you’re not on with your lighting schedule and insulation, [these] types of strains will be frustrating.”

Commercial grower’s take

 “We’ve tried incorporating Kong’s genes into a few of our strains because it flowers so fast, but haven’t put anything out to sell yet. It won’t knock you out of the park with terps or looks, but its effects are top-of-the-line — relaxing, euphoric, blissful and medicating — and it’s a bountiful strain with a short flowering period. I think growers have just figured out how to put a ribbon on it, because it’s always been a favorite. I also think it gets confused with Gorilla Glue sometimes, which might help it sell a little.”

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