Cream Pie Cannabis Strain

Cream Pie

Cream Pie is a marijuana strain that has an incredibly strong THC content. It gets its name from the creamy, white color of the flower and its sweet flavor. Cream Pie cannabis is one of those strains best known for its powerful high. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this potent bud, including how to grow it!
Cream pie cannabis strain is potent, high-yielding marijuana that has been bred to produce hefty flowers. The first thing you need to do is select the right place for your plant – it needs plenty of sun and room in order to grow! You’ll also need patience; this weed can take up to 13 weeks before the first flower starts appearing on your plant. Once you see buds forming, make sure they get enough moisture and nutrients: these are what will help them blossom into big beautiful plants with an incredible yield of 20–28 ounces per square meter when harvesting. If you want some heavy-hitting bud then Cream Pie Cannabis Strain would be perfect for the job!

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Cream Pie Cannabis Strain

How To Grow Cream Pie Marijuana?

To grow cream pie cannabis, you need 12 hours of light instead of the usual 18 hours. You also need to supplement your plants with an extra four ounces of water per day during their flowering phase, when they must stay hydrated for as long as possible! Last but not least, you should give them a weekly dose of 400 ppm calcium and magnesium throughout the entire grow process – this will ensure strong stems and healthy flowers.
You might have noticed by now that cream pie cannabis is quite finicky when it comes to growing conditions – in order to make sure everything goes smoothly, take some time off from work or go on vacation so you can focus completely on taking care of these little guys! And don’t forget about ventilation; if temperatures get too high inside the tent then just open up the doors for a few minutes.
If growing one plant, choose a pot or container that is at least 24 inches deep and 18 inches wide.
Fill the bottom of your plant with good quality topsoil mixed 50-50 with perlite to avoid root rot.
Place an automatic watering system below the surface of the soil where it can reach your roots when they are thirsty; this will make sure you don’t overwater plants by mistake!
Use natural light in order to help them grow tall and strong as marijuana likes lots of suns – but not too much heat! Marijuana grown indoors would need about 16 hours worth on average for optimal growth rates. If growing outdoors, leave plenty of space between each cannabis plant so they have enough room for their big leaves and buds!
It’s time to start growing! Plant your marijuana seedling in a pot of soil, place it near natural light and water often to help the roots grow strong.
After about two weeks, you should see new growth appear at the top of your plant – this means that the plants are healthy and ready for flowering! Keep up with watering them regularly (but not too much!) so they continue to grow tall.
In another week or so after they’ve reached their full height, give them plenty of sunshine by moving lamps closer towards where each cannabis strain is grown. This will make sure they produce lots of THC-rich buds while also keeping them cool during hot months like summertime! You can even use an oscillating fan if need be to keep your plants at the right temperature.
Now that you know how to grow creampie, it’s time for some tips on harvesting your cannabis! You don’t want to harvest too early and risk losing potency – or waiting too late and have them dry out from lack of water. Harvesting is a tricky thing, so my best advice is to try to be patient and wait until they’re nice and thick before cutting down the entire plant just yet!
Once you’ve found the perfect opportunity though, cut off the buds with scissors as close to where their stems meet (this will help prevent mold!). Now all you need do is let them dry in an airtight container like a mason jar or sealable plastic bag overnight so they can retain their potency.
Then you’ll want to cure them! Curing is an important part of the process as it helps with preservation and enhances flavor – but also can help lower levels of THC in your marijuana buds because some THC evaporates out during the drying process.
For curing, seal up your freshly harvested flowers into airtight bags or jars for between one week to a month at room temperature – 70°F (21°C). Give them a shake every day and check on how they’re doing along the way so you don’t risk molding or burning. When done, remove from storage and enjoy while fresh! The whole process should take no more than two weeks if everything goes right. If not, just try again until you get it right.

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The difference between indica and sativa strains

  • Indica strains usually have a higher THC content and give you physical relief.
  • Sativa, on the other hand, is more cerebral and energizing but can also cause anxiety or increased paranoia.
  • There are hybrid strains that often fall somewhere in between indica and sativa effects like Haze (sativa) or Sour Diesel (indica).

Cream Pie marijuana strain side effects

It will give you a clear head and more energy, but also make the user paranoid. The Cream pie cannabis effect lasts up to three hours after smoking it with an intense high lasting about one hour before having any noticeable comedown. It tastes fruity with hints of berry and has a sweet, earthy aftertaste.

Cream Pie Cannabis Strain


It is important to note that it may affect your coordination or cause dizziness so please take caution when driving or operating heavy machinery as this can be dangerous if not done properly. This strain also speeds up the heart rate, which might put extra stress on those with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure. It should not be smoked by anyone who suffers from psychosis either. As always consult with your doctor before using any cannabis product if you’re pregnant, elderly, have trouble breathing, etc., they will know what’s best for you in terms of dosage and usage frequency. You should never use synthetic cannabinoids such as Krave because these are often untested substances that can be very dangerous.

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