Cherry Kola Cannabis Strain

Cherry Kola

Cherry Kola cannabis strain is a hybrid. It’s the offspring of Cherry Kush and Super Lemon Haze strains. This marijuana plant has a fruity aroma that’s reminiscent of cherries, kolas, and citrus fruits. The effect is uplifting and energetic with an intense euphoria that leaves you feeling happy and motivated for hours on end. If you’re looking to grow your own Cherry Kola cannabis strain at home, we’ll tell you how!
Cherry Kola is a hybrid cannabis strain with Sativa and Indica dominant genes. Its name comes from the fruity, cherry taste that it leaves in your mouth after smoking or eating it. Cherry Kola grows best indoors due to its short flowering cycle of only around 45 days but can also be grown outdoors where climates are warmer; just know that you will most likely have to wait until late October or early November before harvesting this plant!
The cannabinoid profile for Cherry Kola has THC levels ranging between 20-25%, CBD at 0.03%, and CBN making up less than one percent of the entire composition. This means that those who ingest Cherry Kola may experience feelings of upliftment, mood improvement as well as couch-locking effects.

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Cherry Kola Cannabis Strain

Sage Advice: If you’re looking for a strain that will help with sleep and pain relief, then Cherry Kola should be one to go after! This is because of its high THC content which can make it difficult for some people to function on the day-to-day but also gives therapeutic benefits for those who need it most. The uplifting feeling from both sativa and indica makes this perfect during either morning or evening hours when you want something energizing or calming respectively.
When smoking cannabis containing CBN (like Cherry Kola) it’s important not to smoke too much at once in order to avoid paranoia or anxiety since these feelings are increased due to the natural sedative effect of CBN.

How to grow Cherry Kola cannabis strain?

Plant the seeds in a propagation mat or seedling plugger. You’ll want to use two tablespoons of soil per plant and cover it with about an inch of water, then let it soak for at least four hours before planting your Cherry Kola marijuana seeds.
Once you’ve planted the seedlings into larger pots, transfer them outside after all danger of frost has passed. Keep them spaced out so they have enough room to grow and still get plenty of nutrients from sun exposure. Each pot should be filled with good quality nutrient-rich soil mixed with compost and worm castings for optimal growth conditions.
To produce a higher yield per plant, you’ll want to clone your marijuana plants. Cut off the bottom of one stem and stick it into rooting gel or water before putting it back in its pot. This way each large cannabis individual can be cut up and shared with friends for their own personal stash!
The Cherry Kola strain is resistant against pests but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance they will show up on occasion. Make sure to use pesticides when needed so that your crop produces plenty of sweet smoke!
You should start caring for the soil now by watering above ground three times per day, four days out of every seven; only adding enough nutrients once a month during vegetative growth; topping off the water in the soil before each watering.
One of the most important things to remember when handling Cherry Kola is that you should not over or under water it, as this will stunt its growth and make for a less potent herb!
When harvesting your crop, cut down all flowers from their stems; then hang them upside down in bundles until dry enough to be packaged; allow drying time between two weeks and one month depending on how moist they are when first harvested. You can also store them in vacuum-sealed jars ready for smoking instead if desired!

How does it compare to other strains?

This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and has a THC content of up to 23.53%. Some other strains with similar levels include Acapulco Gold (23%), Golden Goat (21%), and Blackberry Kush (22%). The primary difference between this cannabis strain and others like it are its seeds, which come from the pure indica Afghani plant as opposed to sativas or hybrids; an average bag will contain around 20 seeds if grown indoors, while outside you can expect about 50! The flowers grow in small clusters that turn yellowish-green when ready for harvest. It thrives well in hot climates both outdoors and inside but requires more attention than some plants due to its height tending towards gangly at maturity.
It is recommended that you choose a sunny climate for growing this plant from seed and be careful not to overwater it. Cherry Kola Marijuana plants can grow up to four feet tall indoors, but outdoors they are known to grow as high as eight or nine feet! Of course, the height of these plants will depend on how much time each individual puts into caring for them, so don’t feel discouraged if your first try doesn’t seem successful at all; stay motivated and keep trying!

Cherry Kola Cannabis Strain

Side effects and benefits of using the strain

Side effects: Dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia are all possible side effects. It is important to get a balance between the two when smoking this strain; make sure you drink plenty of fluids beforehand so that there isn’t dehydration on one hand or too much sugar in your system on the other! Be careful not to overindulge in alcohol as it can be dangerous due to its THC content.
Benefits: This particular cannabis plant has an uplifting effect on moods which makes it very helpful for stress-related disorders like depression or anxiety. For some, using Cherry Kola marijuana also helps them sleep better because of how relaxing it is without being overly sedative (which a lot of people feel leads only to feeling tired again ).
Downsides: Just like any other strain, Cherry Kola cannabis has some downsides. For one, it can make people feel anxious or paranoid if they are not used to smoking weed with a higher THC content; this should go without saying but NEVER smoke more than you’re comfortable with until you know what your boundaries and limits are! It’s also important to note that while many strains of marijuana have medicinal benefits, the FDA still hasn’t approved any for use on humans as of yet which means there is no guarantee about how effective it will be in healing anything.
Productivity level: Due to its uplifting effects on moods and sense of relaxation (without being overly sedative), Cherry Kola marijuana is an excellent choice when you need help staying focused on a task or project that requires mental clarity.

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