Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana Strain

Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha Cheese is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain that has been growing in popularity. It was made by crossing Big Buddha Cheese with the famous Cheesecake strain. This marijuana plant’s aroma and taste are reminiscent of its namesake dessert, which can be attributed to the terpene content of this bud: Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, and Alpha Bisabolol make up its “cheesy” scent profile.
This plants’ THC potency ranges from 15% – 17%. Users report feeling immediately relaxed after smoking or ingesting this weed as it triggers a sense of euphoria.
After smoking Big Buddha Cheese the high will last for about an hour or two before users experience couchlock which makes them feel very lazy and sleepy; this effect is most pronounced when consumed in higher doses. This weed also has some sedative qualities that make it great for helping people sleep at night without any issues if they have trouble falling asleep naturally on their own due to stress or anxiety from daytime activities during the workweek; because of these properties, cannabis strains like Big Buddha are used as anti-depressants by those with mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder.

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It was made by crossing a Big Buddha Cheese with a Super Skunk and it is very potent.
Big Buddha Cheese has an earthy, pine smell before smoking that becomes more pungent after being lit up. After the high wears off users may experience dry mouth as well as red eyes from the smoke; this weed also contains some of THC’s psychoactive effects such as paranoia or anxiety for those who are not used to taking cannabis products so should be taken in moderation if one wants their experience to go smoothly without any side effects other than relaxation.

Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana Strain

How much does it cost?

Big Buddha Cheese marijuana will cost you about $12 a gram.

Features of strain

Big Buddha Cheese is a relaxing strain with mild body effects and an earthy, pine taste. It is great for daytime use or times when you want to kick back, relax and maybe do some art projects on your laptop while catching up on different TV shows.
It tastes best when smoked while listening to music on vinyl records because then you can really get into your special time alone away from everything else going on around you in life which lets you just let go and enjoy the moment.
On the downside, Big Buddha Cheese marijuana has not been tested in a lab so it is not known how much THC and CBD are in the strain.
The Big Buddha Cheese cannabis has been around for a while but it started getting popular after music legend, Bob Marley, said that this was one of his favorite strains to smoke because he liked its mellow taste.
It won’t make you feel too heavy like some other marijuana can which means if you are looking for something light, then Big Buddha Cheese is perfect.


The effects of Big Buddha Cheese cannabis are a combination ofa cerebral, energetic and soothing feeling. It’s the perfect mix for an uplifting experience that helps to relieve stress while keeping you active and productive. As with other strains such as Sour Diesel or Blue Dream, this strain is best when taken in moderation so it doesn’t have any negative side effects like paranoia or anxiety which can happen if one isn’t used to taking marijuana products.

Big Buddha Cheese is a hybrid strain, meaning it has both indica and sativa properties. The Big Buddha Cheese cannabis high lasts between two hours to three hours so if you are looking for something light that won’t make people feel too heavy like they need to sleep after smoking marijuana then this is the perfect option.
On the downside, there’s not been any testing done on how much THC and CBD are in the weed but what we do know about Big Buddha Cheese from reports is that music legend Bob Marley loved it because he said it had a mellow taste which meant it wouldn’t make him as tired or sleepy as some other strains of marijuana can.
The good news with regards to its effects though, Big Buddha Cheese will still give you an uplifting sense of contentment and it will also make your body feel light which is why so many people love smoking this cannabis strain.
Big Buddha cheese weed can be grown indoors, outdoors, in greenhouses, or in any type of climate as long as there are no frost issues that could damage its flowering stage during the winter months. This means too that people outside the US have access to cultivating this crop year-round!

Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana Strain

Type of high

Big Buddha Cheese marijuana is a perfect example of cannabis that gives you an uplifting sense of contentment, and it also makes your body feel light which is why so many people love smoking this strain. It’s perfect for someone who wants to keep in a good mood, or if they are socializing because the high from Big Buddha Cheese weed won’t interfere with their ability to function even after long periods of time without sleep.
The only downside? The potency can be too strong for some! This means you may need to smoke less than other types of strains since there will be noticeable effects immediately as opposed to taking more hits overtime before feeling anything at all. Other than that though, big buddha cheese marijuana does not disappoint and it is a great way to end the day.
A great time for smoking big buddha cheese cannabis would be after dinner, or before bed, if you are looking for something to help put you into a deep sleep which will leave you feeling rested in the morning.
If this sounds like your kind of strain then give big budda cheese pot weed a try and see how much it helps with whatever moods might need some lightening up!

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