Poison Fruit Marijuana Strain – Everything You Need to Know

Poison Fruit

Poison Fruit marijuana strain is a pure Indica that has been around for years. It was created in the 1970s by crossing two strains, Poison Ivy and Northern Lights. This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about this poison fruit cannabis, including how to grow it and some of its potential benefits.
This strain has been around for decades since its inception. It’s mostly an indica, with some Sativa genetics mixed into the mix to provide light cerebral effects. Its name, which has nothing to do with fruit at all, comes from how this plant smells like poison ivy when you rub your fingers across its leaves or flowers- just don’t touch any part of this plant without gloves on!
Poison Fruit marijuana is available as both dried flower buds and oils are made from these plants. The resulting high will be relaxing and euphoric the perfect way to end the day.

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Poison Fruit Marijuana Strain - Everything You Need to Know

How to identify a Poison Fruit marijuana strain

The Poison Fruit weed is characterized by leaves that are light green with lighter stripes. The plant will grow to around 12-24 inches in height and will have a strong, skunky smell when you break open one of its buds. It’s usually heavier than most strains because it has higher levels of THC: CBD ratios.
This strain can be difficult for novice growers due to slow growth rates and shorter flowering periods; however experienced gardeners love how easy this plant is to clone without any chance of mutations cropping up. Some people say it smells like poison ivy while others experience more fruity scents from these plants, either way, beware your fingers if they get anywhere near the flowers!

Effects of the Poison Fruit marijuana strain

The Poison Fruit marijuana strain is a 60/40 Indica dominant line. It has an earthy, soothing aroma and can be quite strong depending on the THC: CBD ratios. These plants are great for boosting appetite or when you need to relax with some mellow vibes. This plant will have body-heavy effects that make it perfect for those who are new to cannabis use but also balanced enough for experienced smokers too! The high from these buds range from happy and uplifting to deep sedation so start low if this isn’t your type of flower before trying higher doses!

Growing and harvesting tips for a Poison Fruit marijuana strain

If you’re looking to grow Poison Fruit marijuana plants, these are some great tips! They will take about one month for flowers and need a good amount of time during the day. If grown indoors they should be under 18 hours of light per day but if outdoors provide cooler temperatures with plenty of shade so that they can flower properly. To harvest your crop, wait until the plant has gone through its final frost before picking off all colas from the top down into individual popcorn bags or containers to dry out slowly as part of the curing process.
The best way to grow poison fruit marijuana is by starting your seeds indoors in pots and transplanting them outdoors when the soil has warmed up, which is usually around May or June. The plant should be grown in a sunny spot that gets at least eight hours of sunlight every day for optimal growth – it won’t take as well if planted elsewhere. You’ll need to water it regularly during the first few weeks of life until its roots can reach into the ground’s moisture on their own, while also providing plenty of nutrients through fertilization so you have green leaves growing all over. You should begin harvesting these plants about 120 days after planting outside- they’re ready once they’ve gone through an entire cycle from bud formation (flowering) to budding.

The Poison Fruit strain is a high flowering Indica dominant marijuana that has been developed in Holland.

There are two versions of this cannabis, the original and an auto-flowering version.

It takes approximately 120 days to grow outside once planted from seed, but it’s ready for harvesting after just 60 days if grown hydroponically indoors under lights with Miracle Grow nutrients added into the water every week or so.

Harvested plants should be dried properly before being stored and smoked as needed when you need relief from pain, anxiety, depression, or boredom!

Where to buy or purchase a Poison Fruit marijuana strain

If you’re looking to buy Poison Fruit marijuana seeds, they can be found at various online seed banks. If you want a strain that is easy to grow and produces good yields of heavy colas then this might be for you!

If you’re not sure where to start we recommend you choose one of these three high-quality seed banks as they all have good deals and produce great plants that will leave a lasting impression on any grower;

Poison Fruit Marijuana Strain - Everything You Need to Know

The best way to use or consume the poison fruit cannabis product (for example, smoking, eating)

If you want to use Poison Fruit cannabis for smoking, the best way is to roll it into joints or blunts. If you’re looking for a more potent form of consumption, then try using a vaporizer or cooking with this strain!
To cook with Poison Fruit cannabis, the best way is to use it as an ingredient in a dish. The cooking process should be slow so that you preserve all of its flavors and qualities! You can try using this strain on eggs or butternut squash soup.
The most popular recipe for cooking with poison fruit marijuana is cocoa-dusted French toast:
-bread slices dipped into melted chocolate mixed with ground hazelnuts (or almonds) then pan-fried until golden brown;
-served with vanilla ice cream.
For consumption purposes, you may need to grind up your weed before adding it to any food because if eaten without being grounded beforehand, there’s a chance that people won’t taste the flavor too much. Cooking will also help with this problem.

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