Funky Monkey Marijuana Strain

Funky Monkey

A lot of people have found that marijuana helps with a variety of medical conditions like glaucoma, pain relief and appetite stimulation.
Marijuana can also help people relax by suppressing racing thoughts and increasing feelings of nostalgia.
However, there are downsides to weed as well: Marijuana impairs short-term memory while cannabis is being used which means that the user may have a harder time remembering recent events.
Furthermore, marijuana can induce anxiety and paranoia for some people who are prone to these types of moods. Furthermore, weed is not good for teenagers because it affects brain development.
When you consider that weed’s effects on the human body vary depending upon which method of ingestion was used – smoking being most detrimental but edibles potentially posing less risk than smoking – the debate becomes even more complicated.

Funky Monkey Marijuana Strain is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with funky, fruity flavors and a mind-blowing high. This marijuana breed was created by crossing an Afghani Indica and Colombian Sativa. The result is an energetic, creative buzz that won’t make you sleepy.
This plant thrives in the subtropical climate of Costa Rica where it has been grown for over twenty years as part of its Olde World Heirloom Sativa line. Funky Monkey remains true to type during all phases of growth which makes this one easy to grow variety perfect for beginners or anyone looking to produce quick crops at home. These plants have many branches so they require more space than taller varieties like the ones found in the Sour Diesel line.

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Funky Monkey Marijuana Strain

How to get the funky monkey

In the Sour Diesel line. In appearance, Funky Monkey cannabis plants are light green with purple and dark red leaves which give this variety a funky monkey look. The buds form round balls that contain long slender orange hairs as well as copious amounts of THC crystals. These flowers have an aroma that is fruit-flavored with notes of grapefruit from the Colombian side and spicier flavors like black pepper coming from the Afghani parentage. Funky Monkey marijuana strain has a sweet taste on inhale but not so much when you exhale it out because there’s some astringency to those flavors too. It also makes for one powerful high due to its 14% average THC content!

Effects of smoking funky monkey

Effects of smoking:
Funky Monkey Marijuana Strain offers a very unique taste of fruit and toffee when smoked. This cannabis strain is more Sativa-dominant with an 80/20 balance, so it’s perfect for those who like the uplifting effects. Funky Monkey marijuana can grow up to be quite tall but it does not stretch out too much during the flowering period. It has large leaves that are dark green in coloration and typically grow in multiple branches near the top of each plant. The flowers are dense, compact buds that produce layers of sugary trichomes when nearing harvest time and smells heavily like pineapples or melons depending on the phenotypes present in your crop.
The Funky Monkey cannabis seeds are a cross between two famed Sativa-dominant strains: Durban Poison and Jack Herer. This marijuana strain is perfect for daytime use as it does not leave you feeling lethargic or overly exhausted. It’s a great choice if you want to get some work done but still be able to function during the evening hours when things start winding down at the office. The high from Funky Monkey has been described by users as uplifting, clear-headed, energetic, creative, and happy overall.

Side effects of smoking funky monkey

The negative effects of smoking funky monkeys are only experienced by those who have high-stress or anxiety-prone lifestyles. These individuals can experience symptoms such as panic attacks, racing heart rates, and bouts of paranoia due to the pure Sativa effect that funky monkeys possess. For most people though, this marijuana strain has been found to be very uplifting and creative with a focus on body relaxation rather than bodily stress release.

This article mainly talks about Funky Monkey Marijuana Strain Information which includes how to grow Funky Monkey cannabis seed; the description should also include what are its features (sugary trichomes when nearing harvest time); it also lists possible side effects from smoking funky monkey.
Some might want to know what are some of the best funky monkey strains and how to grow this strain in a pot.
Additionally, some might also want to know more about funky monkey marijuana effects; it should include what are its main benefits (relaxed body with an uplifted spirit). It’s better if you can provide your own experience of smoking or growing Funky Monkey cannabis as well.

Is it safe to smoke funky monkeys while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Some might also want to know if smoking funky monkey while pregnant or breastfeeding is safe. There are no conclusive studies yet, but there have been a few reports of women who smoked and gave birth to healthy babies. Some would say that they experienced some side effects such as increased appetite due to the THC in it. But for now, this is still not scientifically proven so you should talk with your doctor first before deciding.

Funky Monkey Marijuana Strain

Where can I buy a bag of funk monkeys for sale online?

If you are looking for a funky monkey marijuana strain, then one of the best places to buy it would be from online stores. There are many different websites where they sell funky monkeys and there is a variety of prices that you can choose from. You should go through all your options before deciding which store to purchase your bag.
Let’s start with one of the most popular places to buy funky monkeys, Amazon. One of their main reasons they are so popular is because it is an online store that sells many different types of products and there are a lot more reviews about them on this website than on others. There isn’t much information available about where they get their funky monkeys from but we can assume that they would be coming out of California since this is where the parent company resides.

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