Cat Piss Weed Strain

Fortunately, the Cat Piss strain does not taste anything like its name. It has both sour and sweet undertones, and it smells quite pungent and pee-like. However, if you can get over that fact that the smell is quite pungent and pee-like, you’ll be in for a nice smoke. The Cat Piss strain may provide a nice energy buzz, making it ideal for anyone who wants to increase their energy levels or just needs an extra push. Buy Cat Piss Cannabis Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

The names of some marijuana strains make us wonder what the heck people were smoking when they came up with them. There have been a lot of favorites over time, but along came the Cat Piss strain to ruin Alaska’s amusing name procession!

You’ve undoubtedly smelled a cat’s urine before, and it is an absolutely putrid and disgusting smell.

You may not know it, but the urine of a cat has an extremely putrid and filthy odor. By now, you should be familiar with why this cannabis strain is nicknamed Cat Piss. It has an extremely unpleasant smell, but if you can get past the terrible aroma, it’s a strain that might give you a welcome “pick me up” in the morning or afternoon.

What Is the Cat Piss Strain?

Cat Piss strain marijuana is a sativa-dominant hybrid, although it comes in several variations. A Super Silver Haze phenotype, a landrace from Afghanistan, and a Trainwreck bagseed are the three origins of Cat Piss. We’re not sure which breeder created this noxious smelling weed because to its odd backstory!

What Is the Cat Piss Strain?

The Cat Piss strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, but it has several variants. A Super Silver Haze phenotype, for example, is one of them. Another is an Afghan landrace descendant, while a third is Trainwreck’s bagseed. We’re not sure which breeder created this noxious smelling plant because of its strange origins!


The Cat Piss marijuana strain’s odor is best compared to that of ammonia. Another option is to recall a time when you had to use an especially filthy public toilet. Okay, the stench isn’t quite as repulsive as that, but it’s still a long way from being fragrant. There’s also a pungent and skunky scent if your nose can handle the smell of urine.


Fortunately, the strain has no habit of smelling like urine (although I don’t know anybody who has done this). You may expect the worst after experiencing such a foul odor, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sour and piney flavor with a little bitterness. You might also get a pungent, sweet taste. You may acquire a distinct sour aftertaste that fades quickly.


It appears to be a dog’s spray in ‘Cat Piss,’ and its name is an apt description. The plant has light green buds with orange hairs protruding, and trichomes should cover the plant during the blooming stage and at harvest.

Cat Piss Strain Grow Info

It’s a clone-only strain, so there are no Cat Piss seeds to buy. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, but it isn’t the ideal choice for beginners. Cat Piss thrives on attention throughout its life cycle, which includes regular pruning, trimming, and topping. Once you’ve seen the lovely trichomes covering the buds with orange hairs, you’ll realize that all your efforts were worthwhile.

Cat Piss grows to be quite tall if you choose to cultivate it outside. When cultivated outdoors, it is also susceptible to illnesses and pests. It matures early and can be harvested by the end of September with a yield of 20 ounces per plant when cultivated outdoors. The blooming period for Cat Piss indoors is approximately 7-9 weeks, and yields of up to 16 ounces per planted square meter are attainable.

THC Content – Highest Test

There are numerous different types of Cat Piss cannabis, each with its own THC concentration, which means that the percentage can range from 12 percent to 23 percent.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Because of this, cat piss does not have much CBD. The most you are likely to find is 0.7 percent, while some doses contain as little as 0.01 percent CBD.

What Can I Expect When I Use Cat Piss Weed?

Cat Piss is one of the finest wake-and-bake strains available. The most difficult part may be overcoming the stench first thing in the morning! Users claim it is even better than a cup of coffee since it provides a longer lasting energy buzz without causing a crash. If you’re feeling tired, you can also use it in the afternoon or early evening, or if you want to go out socializing.

Cat Piss is a mild stimulant that works gradually. You’ll be alert and focused, and you may even feel happier. Users report bursting into laughter at the most horrible jokes. There’s just a hint of a physical high, but on the whole, you should feel fantastic.

Medical Benefits of Cat Piss Marijuana

The indica makeup of this strain makes it a popular choice among medical users. Not only does this medicine help people deal with stress, but it is also used to treat mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sadness, and anxiety. Cat Piss is also used to alleviate pain since it has been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory and may even help with nausea and vomiting. There’s no doubt that if you’re feeling tired, Cat Piss would be beneficial.

Possible Side Effects of Cat Piss Weed

If you have a weak stomach, after being exposed to too much of an aroma, you may vomit! Cat Piss is associated with the typical side effects including dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth. If abused, because it’s a strong sativa strain, it might cause paranoia and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Cat Piss is one of the most popular strains in the world. We never thought that Cat Piss could be beneficial to our health, but now we know better! It’s a strong strain that’s used to treat disease. Although its odor is repulsive, it boosts energy similarly to few other marijuana plants.

After you’ve gotten past the unpleasantness, you’ll discover that it boosts your energy considerably more than other marijuana strains.

Cannabis plants require a lot of maintenance. Cannabis plants with the Cat Piss strain, on the other hand, are quite difficult to cultivate. Although novices may attempt it, it necessitates more attention and care than most strains. If you’re growing outdoors, keep an eye on its height and be prepared to cut away fan leaves if necessary.

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