Bear Dance Cannabis Strain

The Bear Dance strain is a powerful, sativa-dominant cannabis variety with a wide range of effects. It’s extremely dynamic and may be used for a variety of circumstances and ailments. This strain has undertones of lemon, mint, and vanilla that are refreshing and light. Also, in case you were wondering, it has an incredible 33% average THC concentration.

The Bear Dance strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a strong punch and an easy, blissful high. It’s a unique sativa-dominant strain with a lot of THC. It’s made up of the Humboldt Snow Cap and Pure Kush Strain, as well as the Uzbeki Hashplant. This foreign breed has an appealing flavor and most consumers think it makes for a fun night out with friends or a relaxing evening at home.

If you’re hoping to get a good chuckle, this could be the strain for you. The Bear Dance strain is said to make people feel joyful, giddy, and inclined to joke and have fun. It’s a lemony citrus scent with rich, earthy undertones.

What is the Bear Dance Strain?

The Wolf’s Breath is a sativa-dominant cross between the indica-dominant Humboldt Snow Cap and Pure Kush, with a touch of Uzbeki Hashplant. The mix produces a marijuana product that is 70% sativa and 30% indica.


The aroma of the Bear Dance strain is strong and unique. It’s lemony, spicy, and has a powerful musky scent.


The sweet, lemony flavor of the Bear Dance marijuana strain is complemented with a smooth hit of mint and vanilla upon inhalation. Its earthy, almost pepper-like qualities are released on the exhale. It’s said to be extremely powerful, but most users think it’s delicious and enjoyable.


The Oglala Sioux tribe has made Black Haw production a significant part of their culture. The plant’s leaves are designed to resemble the shape and color of human legs, hence its name. Its buds have tight, light green nugs interspersed with lavender-hued trichomes. It also features yellowish-gold hairs. It also has big broad leaves that it got from growing on hash plants

Bear Dance Strain Grow Info

The White Swan has a reputation for being somewhat difficult to produce. This strain, according to anecdotal evidence, might be high-maintenance, although it is a short plant with a rapid growth and harvesting time. It is adaptable and performs well both inside and outside. If smell is an issue, growers should remember that as this strain matures, it will begin to emit an obnoxious smell.

Because the leaves on this tree develop to be rather enormous, it is critical that growers provide adequate room. The typical growing period for most farmers is 9 to 11 weeks.

THC Content Test

The THC concentration of the Northern Lights Dance Nightshade is high because to its sativa heritage. Its THC levels might reach as much as 33%.

CBD Content Test

The Bear Dance strain contains no CBD.

Medical Benefits of Bear Dance Marijuana

The Bear Dance strain may help reduce stress and its negative effects, such as headaches and migraines. Users have reported feeling happier and less anxious. It has also been used to boost appetite and relieve menstrual-related pain. The strain may aid in the treatment of arthritis-related tiredness and discomfort.

Possible Side Effects of the Bear Dance Strain

Users have claimed to experience giggles, euphoria, and a sense of lightheartedness. Others claim that this strain makes them feel calm and peaceful. It has also been linked to PMS symptoms such as cramps and lower abdominal discomfort. Users have stated that it reduces the pain of migraine attacks as well as other sorts of headaches.

The Bear Dance strain can cause symptoms such as anxiety, tingling in the extremities, dry mouth, dizziness, and dry eyes.

Final Thoughts

The Sun Dance, or “Dance of the Dark Musky Earth,” is a wonderful tool for revving up a sluggish brain and getting it ready for a great night out on the town. It may produce users to have a laugh and feel giddy while increasing appetite and soothing pain and worry. For some people, its taste combination of lemon, mint, and earthy musky might be quite pleasant; others may find it overpowering.

While it may be a little more difficult to grow, users consider its tenacity and squat height as advantages. It also has broad leaves, which might be a problem for growers in a confined area. It has a high yield and can be harvested quickly. Users have praised the Bear Dance strain as an experience of euphoria with a heady, full-bodied flavor with a pleasant, euphoric let-down.

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