Wonka Bars Marijuana Strain: Effects, Grown Instruction

Wonka Bars

Wonka Bars Marijuana Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing the strains Chocolate Thai and Neville’s Haze. The strain won an award for being one of the best Sativas in California and has been making its rounds on social media lately. It’s reported to have an energetic, cerebral high with uplifting effects that promote creativity and happiness.
This blog post will explore Wonka Bars Marijuana Strain’s effects, growing instructions, where it comes from, what type of person might want to use it as well as other information you need to know about this strain!

  • The first thing that one should be aware of is the fact that Wonka Bar marijuana strain has THC content in its leaves and flowers. This content ranges anywhere from 20% up to 24%. Compared with standard strains within the indica or sativa range which have an average THC content of 15%, Wonkabars are certainly more potent than most others.
    The high starts off uplifting but becomes sedative after a while.
Wonka Bars Marijuana Strain: Effects, Grown Instruction

1. What is a Wonka Bar marijuana strain and what are the effects of this strain?

  • Wonka Bar marijuana strain is a cannabis type that doesn’t have an indica or sativa genes and it has been known for being the strongest of all because of its high THC content.
  • The effect starts off uplifting but becomes sedative after a while, which can be either good or bad depending on what you are looking for in your experience.
  • A person who smokes wonka bars will most likely feel their eyes get heavy and droopy while they become more relaxed with each passing minute. It’s also possible to find yourself feeling hungry without meaning to due to this strains causes!

2. How to grow your own Wonka Bars marijuana plant

  • This is going to be a very easy plant to grow. All you need for this cannabis strain are some seeds and patience!
  • The first step in growing your own Wonka Bars marijuana plants is finding the right place to cultivate them.
  • You want it somewhere that will keep light out of the area, but still has lots of fresh air so they can get plenty of oxygen!
  • The next thing you’ll need are containers with holes at the bottom or grown pots filled with soil mixed with perlite which helps provide good drainage. Place these into an environment where there won’t be any intense lights shining on them from nearby sources like windows, doors, etcetera. Giving your newly planted Wonka Bars marijuana plants plenty of room will also help them thrive.
  • A soil pH between six and seven is best for these cannabis plants, so consider using a water-soluble fertilizer with that kind of balance to ensure they get the nutrients they need!
  • Ensure there are no alkaline or acidic substances around your growing area as well, like fertilizers or other chemicals. Wonka Bars marijuana plants require organic materials only to grow their absolute best.
  • Add an inch (or about 25 millimeters) of composted manure onto the topsoil if you want this strain’s flavor profile to be more earthy than fruity or sweet-tasting when it flowers. That way it’ll stand up stronger in humid climates too!

3. Instructions for harvesting, drying and curing your crop

Use these instructions for harvesting, drying, and curing your crop:

  • Harvest when the leaves are dry to the touch. This is a good indication that THC production has stopped. It’s also important here to not use dull shearing scissors or similar as they can leave behind small pieces of the leaf which will spoil quicker on you!
  • Cut off all branches at their point of origin with sharp pruning shears; this helps preserve moisture levels by lessening evaporation from open cuts in stems and wounds where bugs may be able to enter more easily than through intact skin. Leaves should be handled gently due to brittle edges but are still tough enough that you don’t have to worry about damaging them too much during harvest time.
  • Hang your plants upside down in a cool, dark place. The best temperature for curing is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with the optimal humidity being 50%.
  • Allow to hang dry on their own from around six weeks up until as many months it takes you – this can vary largely depending on personal preference!
  • Curing will cause an increase of chlorophyll content (green pigments) but also purging (breaking down THC producing enzymes). When properly cured, leaves should be light green or tan with very little visible resin. Drying time does not affect this process so don’t worry about trying to hurry things along by quick-drying; these are just two different phases of production that happen concurrently at different rates depending on the environment.
  • You can also use a fan to speed up drying time – but be sure not to do it too much because you might need all that extra moisture when curing!
  • When your plants have dried for at least five days, tie them into smaller bunches of about six inches in length and hang them upside down from racks or nails. I recommend using clothespins over binder clips so they don’t rust on contact with water; let dry until there is no sign of pliability whatsoever before moving onto the next step.
  • Run material through a grinder with medium-sized holes (there are many different sizes available) and store ground marijuana in an airtight container such as Tupperware or glass jars.
Wonka Bars Marijuana Strain: Effects, Grown Instruction

4. Instructions on how to make edibles with the finished product

  • You’ll want to know the potency of your weed before you start cooking. I recommend using 100mg per ounce, but if you’re not sure this is a good rule of thumb for figuring it out.
  • Find or buy some simple ingredients that can be easily cooked together; most people use butter and brown sugar because they are cheap, effective, and provide an excellent taste profile without altering the THC content in any way.
  • Put on gloves – get someone else to help with cutting up all these vegetables while wearing their own protective clothing! Chop up garlic cloves, onion (both white and yellow) carrots, broccoli stems/florets into smaller pieces about one centimeter long each so as to facilitate more even cooking.
  • If you’re not sure about the number of vegetables to use, I recommend using four tablespoons worth for every ounce – this is an easy rule of thumb that should make your cooking come out well whether you’ve got a larger or smaller quantity.
  • Add in olive oil (or butter if it’s vegan/vegetarian) and mix until fully combined with all other ingredients before adding any salt or pepper seasoning; add more garlic because we know how much vegetarians love their garlic! Stir together everything from the pan so that nothing burns on top while also making sure not to burn yourself.

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