Pink Panther Marijuana: The Strain with High CBD

Pink Panther Marijuana The Strain with High CBD

Pink Panther Marijuana is one of the most popular strains available today. It has a high CBD content, with low THC levels-making it great for treating pain and anxiety. Floral with a bit of tang, this rose-colored flower is always a hit. Considered a sativa-dominant hybrid, Pink Panther wows consumers with its happy, upbeat high. Break out this bud during social events or when you’re ready for some active leisure time. While safe for the day, expect drowsiness and anxiety if you over consume this flower. Read about the history of pink panther weed, how to identify this strain when you see it in person, and why people are so excited about pink panther marijuana!

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Pink Panther Weed: The History and Why People Love This Strain?

The Pink Panther weed was first introduced to Europe by soldiers returning from Asia during World War II. The origins of the Pink Panther weed name come from a character in an animated movie by the same name; however, there are some stories that say this strain may have originated back when pink hair dye was made out of henna plants (hence why its sometimes called “Henna”). The first time that somebody really noticed how potent this particular type of marijuana came about during World War II-when soldiers would trade cigarettes for joints because they couldn’t smoke while on duty. If you’re looking for a lower dose of THC, then this is the strain for you.

Marijuana Strains are becoming increasingly popular every year because of their various characteristics in regards to how they make you feel; some people say that marijuana can help with anxiety while others claim it helps them sleep better at night.

1. What is the Pink Panther strain of marijuana?

Pink Panther Marijuana: The Strain with High CBD

Pink Panther is a high CBD strain of medical marijuana with low THC levels. It is often used to help people who are suffering from anxiety or pain, and it has been found to be especially effective in treating seizures. It has an airy feel to it and has light green leaves that are covered with brown hairs.

The strain has a very sweet and light taste that leaves you with a pleasant feeling from head to toe, making it one of the most popular strains for individuals looking for an uplifting experience. The Pink Panther is known to be one of the best medical marijuana strains out there because it offers you relief without any psychoactive effects. The taste is quite pleasant as well and is a blend of strong earthy and sweet flavours, including pine and pear flavours. The pungent aroma of Pink Panther gets straight to your head and produces a powerful buzz on your body.

Pink Panther Weed does not have any reported side effects, and it can be smoked in many methods, such as: smoking the leaf from a joint or pipe; using a bong to smoke weed; adding pink panther weed to brownies, cookies or other baked goods; adding it in iced tea and coffee.

2. The effects of this weed

The effects of this weed are also noted to be very mild, which is not what you would expect from a strain that produces such a strong aroma. This property makes the pink panther marijuana an excellent choice for those with anxiety disorders or other mental illnesses who need relief without any unwanted side effects. With its CBD content up at 18%, some say it more effective than THC in reducing pain and inflammation as well as nausea and stress. On top of all these benefits, there’s no worry about being too high thanks to this cannabis hybrid’s low THC level!

The down side? If you want to hold onto your appetite, this might not be the strain for you.

The strain can also be known to cause dry mouth and a lack of appetite, but that’s not such a bad thing if you’re looking into its ability to treat chronic pain or anxiety without the psychoactivity caused by THC.

Studies have shown that it’s possible to use pink panther marijuana as a treatment for inflammation and muscle spasms.

3. Where can you find it?

Pink Panther Marijuana: The Strain with High CBD

It’s not just the pink panther marijuana’s effects that are mild, it is also easy to find. Pink Panther weed strain has been on the market for some time now and can be found in many dispensaries throughout California. There are even reports of people finding this weed available on the eBay or Amazon! The price ranges from $65-$70 per ounce with an average CBD content of 15%. A Spanish lady, this flower was bred by Eva Female Seeds. Known to exhibit gorgeous pink hues late in flowering, this strain is a unique flower to behold. The aroma of this plant is delicate, with a sweet floral quality that makes this gal an excellent addition to edible desserts.

The exact genetics of this flower are a little mysterious, but the herb is expected to be a phenotype of the Pink Plant strain. Regardless of its origin, this herb boasts top-self looks. Those sensitive to THC may want to use caution with this flower. In high doses, this herb can cause lightheadedness and paranoia. So, the best to start low and go slow with this one.

4. How to use and grow it

Weed can’t get any cooler than that? The Pink Panther marijuana is no joke with its super-low THC content yet 15% CBD levels are high enough so you won’t have a bad time either! So if you’re looking for an evening chill out session sans paranoia but still want some therapeutic relief then try out the Pink Panther pot today – or buy it on eBay before they run out! Pink Panther reaches full maturity in eight-to-ten weeks indoors or mid-October when grown outdoors. The plants can grow up to 10 feet tall outdoors. Some odor-control measures may be necessary regardless of grow setting.

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