Pink Bubba Indica

Pink Bubba Indica is a popular strain for many people. Not just for its recreational purposes, but also for its relaxing head high and soothing body effects, which relieve stress. However, nothing less is expected of a strain that is known as a brother by its users.

Its breeders started with two of the most famous OG Kush descendants. It obtained its stunning euphoria and strong earthy undertones from Bubba Kush. Pink Kush, on the other hand, boosted the THC content to 25% while adding those subtle floral undertones to the bud.

Despite the mystery surrounding it, Pink Bubba Indica’s reputation has continued to grow. It’s not only strong, but also pharmacologically beneficial — with up to 2% CBD. However, it is best utilized in the evenings. The highly calming head and body high of this strain may cause disruptions to one’s daytime plans.


After the first puff, most strains produce an intense head high for users. For some people, especially those sensitive to THC’s side effects, it may be frightening. Pink Bubba Indica stands out as being unique in this regard.

Its effects may be felt much quicker than the previous two psychedelics, but instead of overwhelming enthusiast right away, it comes on roughly 15 minutes later with a soothing euphoria that transports the mind to paradise. Users grin from ear to ear as a result of the pleasure they feel. It generates a sense of joy within. So much so that it appears as if one is radiating rays of light like the sun.

Although, it may be better to prepare some snacks ahead of time as the gentle mental effects does stimulate the appetite. Without food nearby, it would be too late to grab a bite once the heavy-hitting effects take over.

A dream-like haze follows suit as users experience the impressive Indica effects of Pink Bubba Indica. It starts at the temples as a light pressure that gradually intensifies with each toke. Pretty soon, the body succumbs to the bud’s totally tranquilizing high until finally a heaviness sets in the limbs. Fighting the urge to sleep becomes difficult until eventually users doze off to dreamland.

As alluded to earlier, Pink Bubba Indica is a slow starter. As such, the best way to consume it is to start with a low dosage and slow building it up.


Even before opening a bag of Pink Bubba Indica is opened, the pungent scent of wet soil is apparent. It is accentuated by woody notes of pine as well as a subtle floral tinge which further intensify once the buds are broken apart or combusted.

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In the palate, Pink Bubba Indica tastes a little sweeter and more floral. Overtones of wet soil and wood wash over the mouth as its delicious smoke is savored. Meanwhile, on the exhale, it leaves the refreshing aftertaste of pine which lingers even after the last puff.

Adverse Reaction

A cottonmouth and dry eyes are two of the most common reactions to Pink Bubba Indica. After all, marijuana does have cannabinoids that interfere with the production of moisture in the salivary glands as well as the tear ducts. Thankfully, neither are a cause for concern. Still, their mildness can be a source of discomfort for users who are unused to the dry spell. Downing a few glasses of water, as well as staying hydrated, will help soothe the ache.

Users may also ‘green out’ while using Pink Bubba Indica. It is a condition characterized by either a subtle dizziness or temporary headache with a slight chance of anxiety. However, this is rare occurrence and mostly affects users who overconsume the strain although those who are sensitive to THC. As such, one should refrain smoking exorbitant amounts during sessions especially since the effects can last for hours.


Presumably, Pink Bubba Indica was developed for the recreational community. Still, it remains a valuable strain to medical marijuana users for the beneficial effects its cannabinoids bring. In inducing its mood-enhancing high, for example, it reduces stress which can lead to the early onset depression if left unattended. Apart from uplifting spirits, it also calms the mind of turbulent emotions brought about by overwhelming anxiety.

The same stimulating compound also has analgesic properties that ease pain caused by spasms. In fact, in relaxing the stomach of sudden contractions or hunger pangs, Pink Bubba Indica stimulates the appetite so users suffering from anorexia or those with cachexia can dig into a meal without feeling like vomiting.

Fully relieved, it is not uncommon for the eyes to become droopy with drowsiness. And, as the sedating effects persist, users recline to bed fully at ease and feeling refreshed the next day.


Despite its name, this strain does not produce pink yields. Nonetheless, its buds are still very attractive. Placed in the palm of one’s hand, it is heavy with density. Striking yellow green hues immediately catch the eye right after a rich layer of trichomes, which allude to its potency.

Pink Bubba Indica is a sturdy strain that thrives in the hot and humid weather of the tropics as well as the cool, dry climate of many countries in the north. Its thick, resilient stalks do not sway easily when fazed with strong winds while its strong branches are not one to break off at the weight of its heavy buds.

Indoors, it may need to be pruned often as its compact structure can get in the way of its own potential. Thinning it out by cutting away dead branches will help light reach lower-end branches. It also encourages better air circulation so any moisture stuck to it is dried out. In this way, too, growers can prevent mold or mildew from forming. Techniques like Sea of Green and Low Stress Training are effective ways to improve yields and trichome production as well.

Flowering Time

It typically takes Pink Bubba Indica 7 to 9 weeks for Pink Bubba Indica to flower outdoors. By harvest time, each square meter yields 10 to 12 ounces of buds. Applying the Sea of Green method will encourage the plant to perform better, yield higher, and even flower faster.

In the northern hemisphere, Pink Bubba Indica flowers from the last week of September to the second or third week of October. Aspiring growers typically harvest at least 12 ounce of buds per plant.

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