Pakistani Chitral Kush Marijuana Strain Information

Pakistani Chitral Kush


THC: 21%, CBD: 1%

Pakistani Chitral Kush is grown in the area of Chitral, Pakistan. Chitral is popularly known for the large cultivation of this crop. Cannabiogen is known to be its primal breeder. In terms of its physical features; this particular medical marijuana strain has dark leaves and is dense in structure. It has the attributes of an indica and can easily be grown both indoors and outdoors, and even in greenhouses. The Pakistani Chitral Kush has exceptional qualities of being humidity resistant. Due to its extraordinary adaptable nature, this particular medical strain is found to have deep purple shades, orange hair and thick stems. The leaves have broad structure and the aroma is that of mixed fruits and berries. Usually, the flowering period takes eight to nine weeks. This marijuana is mainly known for being a calming and relaxing agent. It also contributes in overcoming symptoms of depression-oriented problems, anxiety and extreme stress. It is known to have a THC level of 21% and CBD level of 0.9%. It might not have the reputation of strong and immediate results upon its usage, but patients who are looking for a mood moderator would definitely prefer it.

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For growers, Pakistani Chitral Kush possesses well-known resilience to the elements that make it an impressive crop indoors, outdoors, or even in greenhouses. Expect an 8- to 9-week growth cycle and a harvest time around the start of October or even late September if you’re cultivating it outside. No matter where you grow it, expect a medium yield and short plants that don’t require a lot of vertical or lateral space to grow. The most impressive aspect of the plant is its scrappy resistance to major crop-destroying elements for outside growers, including its ability to grow well in most temperature and its resistance to humidity. The structure of the plant may influence its adaptation to multiple climates, featuring uniquely broad leaves. Resilient buds make for a convenient growing cycle, especially if you’ve had trouble with crop-corroding elements in the past such as mildew, whiteflies, spider mites, and fungus.

Pakistani Chitral Kush Marijuana Strain Information

When you’ve bought some Pakistani Chitral Kush or gotten your own crop to flower, you’ll notice how deeply purple and red it is, with broad leaves and thick stems. The scent recalls a mix of fruit that some people describe as a hint of cherry or chewing gum. After your nose is done savoring the berry aroma, the high effectively relaxes you. With THC sitting comfortably at 21% and lingering CBD levels of almost 1%, you can imagine that Pakistani Chitral Kush will gently calm your stress and anxiety.

The pleasing aromas of earthy and almost sweet candy flavors may stem from the strain’s overactive resin production. This makes Pakistani Chitral Kush a prime candidate for making CBD concentrates. No matter how you take it, this strain offers a ticket to lasting calm, giving you a giggly afternoon of happy relaxation before letting you come down into a more stabilized mood.

Since Pakistani Chitral Kush won’t knock you out or lift you so high you can’t be pulled down, you can use it most times of the day to balance an edgy mood or relieve depression, stress, and in some cases even chronic pain. For some users, not being the most hard-hitting strain is a selling point! Enjoying the nostalgic, fruity taste and pleasant sensation makes Pakistani Chitral Kush less medicine than recreation. But it’s one you’ll reach for again and again.


Pakistani Kush has some intense aromatic qualities. Its profile is diverse, and many of those who consume it report a variety of scents. What first strikes many, is a distinctive sweetness. Though it isn’t cloying, it is hard to miss. There is an abundance of berry scents, mint, pine, wood, and earth.

Although some describe this strain’s scent as somewhat pungent, most indicate that it is pleasant and not overwhelming.


Pakistani Kush has a blend of tasty flavors. On the inhale, many can detect hints of sweet candy. The sugary taste is brimming with a mix of ripe summer berries. Many conclude that there is a touch of chocolate.

During a session, users can also taste hints of menthol. Some don’t like this particular flavor, but others find it quite refreshing.

There are some hints of sandalwood enveloped in an earthy, herbal dankness. Some users feel that there is a bit of heat, a tinge of spiciness that gives this strain its depth. There is also a little hit of floral bouquet that offsets the piquancy as well.


Pakistani Kush has an appearance that is striking and vibrant. It contains a variety of colors that please the eye. Many describe this strain as one of the most visually appealing, with its array of purples dotted with bright spots of orange hair.

It also has deep green nuggets that are densely packed. The nugs are large and nearly globular. The buds have a heavy coat of trichomes, a trait that leaves it extremely sticky.

Pakistani Chitral Kush Marijuana Strain Information

Pakistani Kush Strain Grow Info

Pakistani Kush seeds are an excellent match for anyone looking for a hardy strain. It is exceptionally resistant to most molds. Other irritants, including whiteflies and spider mites, also won’t have much of an effect. It has a quick turn around with a growing time of 8-9 weeks.

However, home growers should be wary of hot and wet environments. While Pakistani Kush is a sturdy breed, these climates can induce some light molding in this strain. It thrives in warm and dry environments but can stand up to the strain of cooler temperatures.

As a landrace, Pakistani Kush has lots of characteristics that make growing a bit easier than some other strains. For starters, many home growers have noticed that growth is robust. It sports sturdy lateral branching. Growers should trim these branches to encourage good air and light circulation.

Some growers feel the Pakistani Kush contains the traits of a single cola dominant strain, which makes it a perfect plant for growing techniques such as SOG. While some strains may experience nutrient burn early on in the growing process, many growers report that this doesn’t happen as much with this strain. This makes it an especially useful strain for newbies just learning about soil balance and PH.

Pakistani Kush can grow both indoors and outdoors. Both indoor and outdoor growth result in striking purple plants with heavy buds and large leaves. However, there may be some color variations.

Outdoor growers may notice a taller plant as there is more room for stretching. Indoor plants may not have as much height, but they won’t have less potency. Indoor growers may yield up to 15 ounces per square meter while those growing outside may have 16 ounces or more per square meter.

Type of High

Pakistan Chitral Kush cannabis strain offers both physical and mental relaxation. Despite the high THC levels, it is not known to cause lethargy.

Medical Benefits of the Pakistani Kush Strain

Users of the Pakistani Kush strain often describe this strain as a popular choice for relaxation. Those suffering from a variety of maladies, including depression, anxiety, or panic disorders, feel relief from their symptoms. This may occur due to a reduction in stress and tension.

Consumers indicate that this strain can soothe and calm, allowing many worries and tensions to slip away. Some use this strain to alleviate a litany of physical complaints. Many of these complaints include back pain, migraines, muscle spasms.

Other users feel relief from sleeplessness and insomnia. This strain also allows for better sleeping patterns and may help with those that experience waking up frequently throughout the night.

Its ability to produce feelings of happiness and calm makes it a social strain, fit for a night in with friends. It soothes away troubled thoughts, which may assist in naturally flowing conversations and the reduction of social anxiety. It also incites hunger and may help with a loss of appetite.

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