Mag Landrace Marijuana Strain Information

Mag Landrace


THC: 25% – 30%

Mag Landrace is a 100% pure Iranian landrace strain transplanted and grown in Illinois. This classic indica features a high 25-30% THC level and effects that stay true to its heritage. The Mag Landrace high has a happy build that ends in sleepy relaxation as you start to come down. You’ll feel an influx of lifted euphoria that fills your mind with pure happiness without affecting your energy level in the slightest. This feeling will soon begin to spread through your body with warming waves of tingly calm, leaving you completely relaxed and pretty sleepy at times. With these effects and its moderate THC level, Mag Landrace is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as depression, loss of appetite or nausea, chronic pain, and ADD or ADHD. This bud has a sweet earthy flavor with hints of herbs and spices on each exhale. The aroma is very earthy and pungent with an herbal spicy overtone that intensifies as the nugs are burned. Mag Landrace buds have dark narrow piecey olive green nugs with dark purple leaves, rich amber undertones, and a coating of clear crystal trichomes.

The most important thing to note about this strain is its status as a landrace strain. This mean that not only is this particular strain a natural and native species in Iran, it contains the same pure genetics it has always contained and is not the product of a breeder crossing two strains. Any Mag Landrace found in the US is likely the product of a cannabis company known as Ataraxia. Ataraxia is credited with the propagation and cloning of a Mag Landrace plant they brought from Iran to Illinois. Like most other pure-Indica strains, Mag Landrace is an ideal evening strain as its effects are quite relaxing and often sedative in nature.

Mag Landrace

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Mag Landrace buds are easily identifiable, once you get to know them a little bit. They are often elongated, narrow-looking buds that take on a variety of shapes based on the setup they’re grown in. They’re not very dense and are often described as being piecey, but this speaks nothing about the quality of the bud. Buds are dark-green in color, with very dark purple undertones that under the right light often look black. You should expect to find a few orange pistils which adds some nice contrast to the primarily dark flower. The bud is also covered in a thick coating of crystal-clear trichomes often making this bud look like a winter wonderland.

As a pure-Indica strain, you might have an idea for the effects Mag Landrace will provide. The high builds quite powerfully at the start, and is known to bring sudden and uncontrollable glee to consumers. You might find yourself giggling with a big, dopey smile on your face not long after taking just a few puffs. In addition to this euphoric, social feeling, your energy will not be depleted in the slightest, leaving you plenty of time to finish up any chores you forgot to do before the fun starts. As the high progresses, your limbs will feel a bit sluggish as the cannabis works on relaxing every muscle in your body. This calm, tingling feeling quickly spreads throughout the entirety of your body, eliminating any aches or pains that stands in its way. Even the most experienced stoner might find themselves drifting off to sleep, as the Mag Landrace eliminates any physical or mental strife that might have been ailing them and keeping them from relaxing. Mag Landrace’s potent effects and average THC concentration of 27% makes it an almost no-brainer choice for a great evening smoke session.

Lab Data

Beta Caryophyllene:0.765%
Alpha Humulene:0.225%

What are the Flavor and Effects of Mag Landrace?

This bud has a sweet gritty flavor with traces of herbs and flavors on each breathe out. The smell is hearty and sharp with a homegrown zesty suggestion that strengthens as the nugs are scorched. You’ll feel a deluge of lifted rapture that fills your psyche with unadulterated satisfaction without influencing your vitality level in the scarcest. Vitality levels will stay unaffected, and in the end, the body will be warmed by tingly unwinding and perhaps drowsiness.

Mag Landrace

What are the Medical Benefits of Mag Landrace?

This strain has a moderate THC level, yet amazing impacts which can treat a few side effects and wellbeing conditions. It can treat conditions including the absence of hunger, queasiness, ADD or ADHD and sorrow. Similar impacts are additionally useful in bearing patients with interminable sicknesses help from torment. In addition, in the event that you are feeling so fretful, this strain is the best decision for your everyday portion. Such can profit individuals who experience difficulty resting. It is additionally a suggested therapeutic marijuana treatment for any sort of aggravation in your body.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Mag Landrace

Not most of the strains accompany a couple of conceivable undesirable responses as this strain. There are three basic negative symptoms gave by Mag Landrace strain regardless of whether you take it with some restraint. To start with, it will make your eyes dry and irritated. Second, it will give you cottonmouth or dry mouth. In conclusion, it will make you feel on edge.

How to Grow Mag Landrace?

Devotees of cannabis will be happy to realize that this strain is a simple plant to develop. Obviously, it accompanies work and exertion, yet it is additionally tolerant of molds and little mix-ups to a great extent. To begin with, developing cannabis, this strain is a decent decision. When developing this cannabis strain, you don’t have to give close consideration to numerous subtleties of planting. For whatever length of time that you place it in a dry and warm condition, it will flourish and create significant returns.

Producers can decide to develop this pot plant outside. Assuming this is the case, realize that it flourishes in cooler atmospheres, in spite of the fact that it will at present develop well in a hotter atmosphere. When indoors, this strain can be developed in soil pots or hydroponics. It is likewise perfect for Green Screen training.

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