Lava Cake Cannabis Strain Information

The very thought of a sticky chocolate lava cake is enough to make you salivate, and thankfully a strain of the same name has a similar effect. Raised at Emerald Family Farms in Humboldt County, California, this indica dominant bud is the perfect treat at the end of a busy day. They crossed Grape Pie and Thin Mint GSC to create a true dessert variety.

The buds of this cultivar are quite large and very dense, and although they tend to be dark olive green, this contrasts with the large transparent trichomes. This variety tastes like chocolate, mint and fruit, but has a slightly more earthy aroma. The mixture of nuts, fruits and pine will make you want more.

Lava Cake cannabis strain is a high THC and CBD content marijuana strain. It has a sweet, earthy flavor that provides an uplifting and cerebral high. Lava Cake is relatively easy to grow, with its short flowering time of 9-10 weeks indoors or outdoors. This blog post will provide you information about lava cake cannabis such as how to grow lava cake weed, etc.

Lava Cake Cannabis Strain Information

It is one of the most recommended strains for medical patients. Lava Cake has been found to deliver a powerful punch with its THC content that ranges from 17% on average, but some phenotypes can contain up to 25%. CBD levels are also high at around 15% and provide an excellent balance between pain relief and relaxation.
Lava Cake is a crossbreed of OG Kush, Blueberry, Strawberry Banana, and Pineapple Express. The inspiration for the hybrid’s name comes from its fruity taste as well as its gooey appearance when cooked or cured. This marijuana plant can boast about having very high THC content levels that average around 26%. It also has low CBD levels at 0.06%, meaning it is not recommended for medicinal use.
· Type: Sativa Dominant Marijuana Strain;
· Genetics: Mazar x Landrace Afghani x Haze.
The smoke is light on the throat, creating an easy-to-use high that’s going to last for hours at a time. Lava Cake cannabis can be beneficial as it contains about 15% THC levels so most users experience waves of euphoria without feeling too anxious or paranoid. Those who are looking for pain relief may also find this marijuana strain useful because they’ll feel drowsy and relaxed while still managing their chronic pains.
The lava top weed has a sweet smell with hints of chocolate and musky undertones or smells like brownies baking in an oven with a slightly nutty taste to the smoke that’s light on the throat creating an easy joint high lasting for hours at a time.

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Benefits of Lava Cake Cannabis Strain

  • Lava Cake gives an uplifting cerebral effect.
  • The flavor of lava cake has an earthy sweetness that makes for pleasant smoking or vaporizing experience.
  • It is a strain that can be used as an appetite stimulant.
  • Lava Cake has been found to help patients with high levels of anxiety and stress, while also providing relaxation qualities.
    Growing lava cake marijuana:
    · Lighting Requirement: This cannabis plant does best when it gets 18 hours of light each day. This should come from two 600 watt lights or one 1000W HPS lamp on a 12/12 cycle (meaning the plants are in darkness for twelve hours and then receive light for another twelve hours). Lava Cake may need some assistance getting started during flowering, but once mature will produce very potent flowers if provided these correct lighting requirements.
    · Temperature requirement: Lava Cake cannabis does best with a daytime temperature of 65-75° F (18-24° C) and an evening temperature no lower than 55°F (12.78C). Humidity should be maintained between 45% to 60%.
    · Diet: Lava Cake cannabis will like a soil-based medium with lots of perlites to promote drainage, coupled with an organic fertilizer mixed into the top layer.
    · Planting height: When planting seedlings use about 24 inches between one plant and another; when transplanting clones or rooted cuttings from mother plants always maintain at least 12 inches in between each individual plant.

Lava Cake Similar Strains

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How to grow?

  • This weed can be grown relatively easily in comparison to others with its short flowering time of only nine to ten weeks indoors or outdoors.
  • Although the flowering time is shorter, this marijuana strain does not grow as tall and produces small nugs.
  • It grows best in a space that has plenty of sunlight with temperatures between 75°F to 80°F; it can be grown outdoors but needs more warmth than some other strains.
  • The plant should get a fair amount of nutrients during its first few weeks when growing lava cake cannabis so choose an organic soil mix or fertilize your plants every three days with a liquid nutrient solution such as water mixed with fish emulsion diluted at one cup per gallon or straight manure tea if you have access to cows, horses, goats, etc.). Use compost for added nutrients then add fertilizer once every four days to grow Lava Cake marijuana.
  • Harvesting time for Lava Cake marijuana is not too far away, it should be ready to smoke in 60 days.
  • The lava cake strain of weed produces small nugs that can grow anywhere from six feet and up with a flowering period lasting about 12 weeks.
Lava Cake Cannabis Strain Information

How to Use Lava Cake Cannabis Strain

The Lava Cake strain is a powerful hybrid that will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed. It was created for medicinal purposes to help people with anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraine headaches, and appetite loss who need relief without the euphoric high of THC. The effects start off slow but soon spread throughout your body in waves as it leaves its signature calming sensation behind.

You can smoke this strain any time from morning through the evening since it has such a mild effect on the mind while still providing some pain relief if needed; smoking before bedtime might lead to better sleep quality.

This cannabis flower tastes like earthy smells mixed with lavender flowers with an ever so slight hint of citrus flavors coming through at times which gives Lava Cake buds its unique flavor profile that is coveted by both recreational and medical marijuana users alike!

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