Juliet Marijuana Strain Information

Juliet Marijuana Strain Information

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Juliet is a Sativa dominant hybrid medical marijuana strain that has an Indica/Sativa content of 20/80 percent. It is created by crossing NYC Diesel with Cinderella 99 and produces dark green colored fluffy buds that are completely covered with deep orange colored hair. It is rated as a grade B- and grade C+ strain by most of its users. It has a strong cerebral buzz that makes you feel energetic and extremely focused. It sharpens your senses and produces psychoactive effects as well. It is a potent strain and the buzz lasts for around 45 to 60 minutes. It is good for smoking when you are in the mood to conduct social activities. It has a sweet smell that has an earthy scent as well. Juliet has a very nice and sweet candy taste with an earthy undertone. It has a smooth smoke that feels clean inside. Juliet is extremely helpful for patients of depression and anxiety. It uplifts their body and mind, helping them combat the symptoms of depression and stress. Moreover, it can also be used for treating nausea. It can result in dry mouth.

When hump day rolls around, everyone needs a little pick me up now and again. Whether you need to sharpen your focus or just get a quick burst of energy, a mid-week smoke break can often do the trick. Juliet is a great choice for getting you back on track to tackle the rest of your tasks.

Juliet is a sativa-dominant 80/20 blend born of Cinderella 99 and NYC diesel that’s meant to exhilarate its users with a potent buzz. Sweet berry aromas and earthy, candy-like flavors make this bud as delicious as it is attractive. This tasty gal produces dark green fluffy nugs covered in orange hairs and gives off sweet and earthy notes upon inhaling, with cotton candy notes on the exhale. Users grade this bud a bit low because of its short-lived buzz but don’t let that discourage you, as Juliet has many lovers and for good reason.

This strain offers a cerebral rush upon the first inhale, leaving you light and perked up. Shortly thereafter users will experience a tingle that floods the body as your senses are sharpened and your focus is honed in. This is a great bud to take to a party as the buzz is immediate and isn’t known to last too long, making it an ultimate social smoke. New users, don’t let her sweet flavors deceive you – Juliet brings a mighty wind and can hit quite hard if you smoke too much too fast.

Medicinal users will love this bud for her calming properties, great for anxiety and stress disorders. This strain has also been known to treat mild forms of depression and PTSD as it offers mood stimulators that leave you with a happy and light feeling. Users have noted some psychoactive experiences, which can actually aid in making it great for social situations. However, if you are using this product for its sedative properties, this bud may have minor adverse effects. It is also great for people who suffer from chronic nausea or muscle tightness.

Growing this plant can prove difficult for inexperienced gardeners and has a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks. Juliet will produce an above-average yield in the right conditions and has bright green and frosty leaves when ready for harvest.

A perfect lady to take on a date, to a party, or to keep all for yourself, Juliet brings all the best tools to the table. Her body calm and active mind make this bud great for use early in the day or evening and will give you just the push you need to let your social butterfly go. If only she lasted a bit longer, she’d be nearly perfect.

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Why do Patients Use Juliet?

Juliet Marijuana Strain Information

Juliet is one of the most popular and sought-after strains of medical marijuana out there. it is primarily a medical strain but is very popular in both markets. As a medical strain, it is ideal for the treatment of depression and anxiety, as it is extremely effective in lifting people out of the fog of depression. It is also quite light in terms of its aftereffects and gives patients a mix of both calm and energy. For this reason, it is useful for ADHD and ADD as people can focus on their tasks. It is the perfect strain to start off the day, especially for those suffering from emotional or mental disorders. Despite its many benefits, it is rated as a grade B strain by many patients. It is not powerful enough to deal with many severe illnesses, mainly in areas of chronic pain.


Juliet marijuana induces happy, energetic, relaxed, uplifted, and focused feeling. It may also also help relieve the following medical symptoms: stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and insomnia. You may have headache, dizzy, dry mouth, dry eyes and as side effects.

Please note that the effects vary from person to person, but based on our data and data from websites such as Leafly and Hytyiva below are the most consistent effects among users.

  • HAPPY – 100%
  • ENERGETIC – 97%
  • RELAXED – 96%
  • UPLIFTED – 81%
  • FOCUSED – 74%

May Help Relieve

Because of its wide variety of effects, Juliet weed is suitable for assisting with a number of medical ailments, conditions, and symptoms. Overall, Juliet is considered most suitable for helping with those who are suffering from stress, depression, and pain.

  • PAIN

Side Effects

Unsurprisingly, the most common side effects that have been reported from Juliet marijuana include headache, dizzy, and dry mouth. If you are experiencing these effects, be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.


Grow information

Juliet Marijuana Strain Information

The hybrid grows well both indoors or outdoors, reportedly reaching a slightly above-average height and yielding medium-to-high harvests of sugar-coated, light green buds in a nine-week flowering cycle.


Mint green open-cluster flowers with bursts of ochre pistils and generously covered with on long thick-stalked trichomes with medium-large heads.


Sweet dark fruit, dark grape candy and berries.


Bittersweet berry with Cindy 99’s pink candy and floral potpourri.

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