Hibiscus Crunch Sativa

A tiny holiday may be had at any time with Hibiscus Crunch Sativa, a slightly indica-dominant strain developed by Colorado Seed Inc. Hawaiian Sunrise is paired with Gupta Kush in this youngster, which the team refers to as “beach chair weed.” This plant is perfect for having fun whether you’re on vacation or just want to relax for a day.

THC levels in Arizona may differ considerably, with a high of 26% and a low of 18%. Her orange head resembles a cluster of grapes and lots of trichomes. She tastes like tropical fruit with tangerine undertones and flowers, making her perfect for brightening up any space she’s smoked in.

The effects of this strain are generally typical, although each person’s sensitivity may have a significant influence on how calm they feel. A cerebral boost will rapidly enhance users’ mental clarity and mood, as well as offer them with a little bit of creativity in the brain with just a suggestion of productivity. You’ll eventually be unable to think about anything else but being calm. You may develop a dependence on the sensation of being tickled, which might cause you to socialize with friends while experiencing waves of euphoria. Those who are vulnerable to cannabis are frequently so drowsy that they fall asleep, but this isn’t always the case.

Hibiscus Crunch Sativa is a great strain to use whenever you need to relax, as long as you don’t have anything else planned. Her very euphoric qualities relieve stress, anxiety, and depression while her tingles can help with physical pain. Users who are new should wait till the afternoon or early evening to consume; smokers that are more experienced may take advantage of any time.

Hibiscus Crunch Sativa is a beautiful and hardy flower that may be cultivated indoors or outside. Almost anyone can get some Hibiscus Crunch Sativa for themselves, since this strain is simple to produce at home and can grow in both indoor and outdoor conditions. To increase your crop yields, Colorado Seed Inc advises topping your plants once or twice a week. The stems will be sturdy and require little additional support, according to Colorado Seed Inc. You’ll be able to harvest a decent-sized yield after 8 to 9 weeks.

Sit back, open a bottle of your favorite beverage, and enjoy some fantastic music since that’s exactly what Hibiscus Crunch Sativa was created for. If you’re searching for a strain that’s great for daytime chill sessions with friends or evenings when you want to totally unwind, make sure to keep some of this bud on hand at all times.

Hawaiian Sunrise

Hawaiian Sunrise is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has no known lineage owing to a lack of knowledge about its origins. It was allegedly created on the Hawaiian islands and acquired by Colorado Seeds Inc. in 2009, but very little is understood about it prior to then. Despite this lack of information, Hawaiian Sunrise has swiftly emerged as a favorite among breeders, giving birth to numerous popular tropical strains while also infusing them with genuine island flavor. The scent of Hawaiian Sunrise is a pungent citrus with a tangy aftertaste that can be fiery at times. The fragrance has a rich tropical earthiness to it, with a spicy herbal citrus aftertaste produced as the buds are burnt. The high from Hawaiian Sunrise is effective in increasing energy in the morning when you have little energy left. The sensation of general relaxation that permeates both mind and body makes the experience uplifting and energetic. While on LSD, you’ll feel extremely social. You’ll be able to talk to anybody in a limited and open space without difficulty. Your legs and lower back might tingle from time to time as a result of the magic’s effects. Hawaiian Sunrise is a popular cannabis strain because of its high 15-25% THC level and light green grape-shaped tiny light minty nugs with lots of long thin hairs embedded in a thick frosty covering of tiny amber colored crystal trichomes.

Gupta Kush

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and the host of CNN’s Head Medical Correspondent program. In 2009, he published an opinion piece in favor of maintaining marijuana prohibition. He has since changed his mind. After meeting people who used cannabis for medical purposes and conducting additional research for an assignment from the news business, Dr. Gupta realized there was a need for a different kind of release. He became a believer after that.

In honor of his efforts to raise public awareness, a strain was dubbed after him by Colorado Seed Inc. It’s a cross between Ghost OG Kush and Blue Moonshine, two well-known strains in the cannabis industry. The former is a mix that is extremely powerful and therapeutic. Even better, it does not lead to couchlock. In contrast, the latter is an actual Indica with an uplifting body high that can alleviate pain immediately. It’s highly regarded for its ease of growth and sturdy design.

Sanja Gupta Kush is an old-fashioned indica, according to some. It has a strong earthy scent and soothing effects. It’s also quite versatile. Aside from its physical stress-relieving high, it cleanses the mind and elevates one’s spirits.

Beginners should be wary of Gupta Kush. When taken in excess of moderation, it has a strong and potentially intoxicating effect. It may still be pleasurable if one knows how to pace consumption or has a friend who can help with the dosage, however.


Gupta Kush does not create a head-slamming high in users, despite containing up to 25% THC. It generally starts as a modest mood boost that relieves pessimism from the mind. It makes people feel good on the inside and more self-assured.

The nootropics will enhance mental clarity, which will not only help you have a good mood but also assist with small goal-oriented tasks. It sharpens one’s sense of detail perception, loudness, and visual appeal. It also improves attention toward its environment while piquing interest.

After about an hour or two, the Indica effects start to emerge. It relaxes muscles by kneading away tension and tightness from those that grip it, wrapping customers in a thick blanket of relaxation. A weight is likely to settle on the limbs, which will add to their drowsy contentment. Freedom has a tiny chance of waking people up. Users are rather more likely to fall asleep in bed instead of in the arms of a lover.


The scent of Gupta Kush is earthy with sweet undertones and a woody undertone that grows stronger when the buds are crushed or combusted.


It has a faint hint of blueberries in its taste, which is somewhat different from its scent. It dissipates quickly, however, and is promptly replaced by a sweet wood that incorporates the fruitiness. On the exhale, it leaves an earthy aftertaste that lingers for hours after the final toke.

Adverse reactions

Finding a flaw in Gupta Kush is rather difficult. People are more interested in its recreational and therapeutic effects, after all. If there is one, it’s probable to be the typical red eyes and cottonmouth, which are both minor problems.


Stress reduction is critical to having a happy life. It may reignite passion, inspire people back into action, and boost productivity in individuals who appear to be ‘out of it.’ More significantly, it restores one’s enthusiasm for life.

The Gupta Kush strain has a euphoric rush that dissipates anxiety from the mind and instills a sense of confidence and purpose. It also improves mood, lifting and strengthening the spirit. It may also be used to treat symptoms of depression, such as hopelessness, despair, and overwhelming dread, which are exacerbated by the disease.

It’s also been used as a sleeping aid and antiemetic. It relaxes the muscles while alleviating a variety of pains. As a result, it prevents unwanted contractions that would make resting or performing simple activities such as eating difficult. Apart from the light invigorating buzz that aids in appetite recovery, the strain may also function as a food supplement, allowing the stomach to process meals more efficiently.

After an hour or two, you begin to feel drowsy. It’s a wonderful sleep aid against the side effects of sleeplessness. Furthermore, because of its sedative properties, it increases both the number and quality of sleep, making users feel rejuvenated upon waking up.

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