Colombian Gold Cannabis Strain

This incredible strain hails from Colombia and is one of the finest. It’s an uplifting and energetic high that will keep you on your toes while also providing a sense of calmness and focus. Colombian Gold has an earthy, herbal flavor that combines both organic and tasty. It’s good for either morning or afternoon use.

There is a gold mine in Colombia’s arid mountain range of Santa Marta that is unknown to prospectors and miners. A landrace marijuana variety has been growing openly and plainly visible for hundreds of years. It has feathery buds coated in sticky, combustible orange trichomes, which are appropriately named. Its golden hues, on the other hand, are due more to influence than nature alone.

What is Colombian Gold?

Colombian Gold is a traditional landrace sativa that will go down in history as one of the most classic strains ever created. This was a massive cannabis strain in the 1960s, originating from the Santa Marta Mountains in Colombia.

This sativa is one of the most well-balanced out there, with its uncommon effects being its most famous feature. It has a very nice balance and is one of the most well-balanced strains available. This strain’s effects are readily manageable at every stage of the high, making it a fantastic daytime strain as well as an excellent motivation booster to get things done!

The name “Colombian Gold” refers to a type of marijuana that has orange hairs on the buds. It’s a relative of the more well-known Acapulco Gold, which is also orange in color! If you’re new to the business, Colombian Gold may be difficult to understand because it’s one of the rarest and most difficult to find pot. However, if you come across it, it’s definitely worth a shot!

Colombian Gold Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

This plant is what you would expect, since it’s based on a typical sativa structure. It’s tall, bushy, and ragged, just as you’d expect. Potency, on the other hand, makes up for its lack of physical originality. This bud has fans that enjoy the pungent skunk aroma. But keep in mind that you can smell it from quite a distance away and it isn’t very discreet!

Colombian Gold has a skunky odor. It’s possible that the distinct scent of Skunk #1 is due to this molecule. It also generates a lemon and lime fragrance while being broken, which becomes stronger as users consume more of it. An earthy aroma becomes apparent after combustion.

The scent of Colombian Gold is complex, with citrusy lemon and lime underneath the pungent skunk aroma. When it’s lit, it emits an earthy fragrance with hints of herbs. If you’re not a regular smoker, Colombian Gold’s smoke may be quite harsh. The flavor will have a tang to it from the citrus with bursts of herbal notes that are delectable and addictive.

Colombian Gold Grow Info

Colombian Gold is a very rare strain that is said to be difficult to obtain. Some people believe that the original landrace has vanished entirely. Despite rumors, we are quite certain that the original bud remains out there somewhere, and seeds are available for purchase.

Colombian Gold marijuana is a relatively long-lasting strain, so it has the ability to produce some huge buds. So, if discretion is vital, make sure it’s well secured, especially since it emits a rather powerful odor.

Colombian Gold thrives in moist, warm settings with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Colombian Gold takes her time and is generally ready to harvest by November; nevertheless, she isn’t the quickest to flower. Expect the plant to blossom for 10-12 weeks while growing indoors. Growers should anticipate a yield of not less than 14 ounces per square meter because this is a high-yielding strain.

However, there is a catch. Growers who wish to keep their privacy should invest in odor control filters because the strain gives off an unpleasant stench.

The best way to grow this plant is in its natural habitat. It can develop up to 6 feet tall and thrives in temperate to warm climates. The blooming season should last from the third to the fourth week of November. With expert assistance, it may produce up to 18 ounces of buds per plant on average.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated Colombian Gold marijuana? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on this cannabis variety.

Medical Benefits of Colombian Gold

The Colombian Gold’s reputation has never been higher. This is premium cannabis that does not just appeal to recreational users, according to some critics. Rather, it is the same effects it produces that have indirect medical advantages.

Its ability to lift one’s spirits cannot be overstated for persons suffering from depression. Anyone who has ever attempted to persuade a sad person out of their blues should understand that it is frequently an exercise in futility. A few puffs of Colombian Gold and your bad mood will be instantly lifted. Its uncanny talent to produce a euphoric cerebral high that relieves stress within minutes of its full manifestation can’t be overstated.

It has an uncommonly balanced high that is ultra-cognitive without causing paranoia or panic, which is unusual for most sativa strains. The concentration you will have with this bud makes it the ideal morning or daytime strain. It’s not great for late-night sleeping because of its lively energy.

Colombian Gold produces a long-lasting high that’s euphoric and uplifting. As a result, it leaves you feeling great all day and allows you to relax naturally throughout the day. Colombian Gold has a THC concentration of 14 to 20 percent. This makes for strong effects at the top end of the scale. With little CBD, Colombian Gold is mostly in its true sativa form, with only minor traces present in most plants.

Possible Side Effects of Colombian Gold

As we’ve said, Colombian Gold does not produce anxiety or madness. This makes it an excellent choice for stresses and mild depression without any harmful side effects. It may cause dry eyes and a dry mouth, just like every other strain, but we don’t recommend using it as a substitute for any medicine unless advised to do so by your doctor.

You won’t be disappointed if you can get your hands on some genuine Colombian Gold, that much is certain! While it isn’t out of this world, it does have several excellent and happy effects that can help you start the day off right.

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