Cherry Pie Sativa

The Cherry Pie Sativa strain is a strong THC variety that produces euphoria, pleasure, and energy. It’s a great social strain or one to use when working on projects since it can increase creativity. This strain tastes as delectable as fresh cherry pie.

The Cherry Pie Sativa strain is a cannabis breed that is both delicious and useful. If you adore marijuana and have a sweet tooth, you’ll be in paradise after trying the Cherry Pie Sativa variety. This strain has a moderate to strong THC level and can deliver quite a punch depending on the cut. Certainly, combining fragrant baked goods with their mouth-watering cherry flavor makes it a sensory treat.

Cherry Pie Sativa’s delicious flavor and pleasant effects have long been recognized by experienced users and those in the industry. While it hasn’t won many accolades, it did finish third in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. If you enjoy baked Cherry Pie Sativa and want to feel high, keep reading to discover more about this great strain.

What Is the Cherry Pie Sativa Strain?

Cherry Pie Sativa weed is a highly indica-dominant hybrid (up to 80 percent) that mixes Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. With such rockstar parents, one might anticipate this strain to be top-shelf quality; but when you get it from the proper source, you won’t be disappointed.

According to the feedback of those who have used it, Cherry Pie Sativa is a smashing success.

Cherry Pie Sativa has a high level of terpenes, which makes it both sweet and sour. The most plentiful terpene is myrcene, followed in no particular order by linalool, alpha-pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. It’s said to have originated in California, and according to the feedback of people who’ve used it, Cherry Pie Sativa is a big hit.


In terms of its fragrance, the Cherry Pie Sativa marijuana strain does not surprise you. Many people have noted that it has a flavor similar to a just-baked Cherry Pie Sativa as it comes out of the oven. You may be shocked by how dank the scent is, however. The aroma of Cherry Pie Sativa is so full that it fills a space with a gorgeous tangy sweetness that combines cherries, blueberries, and earthy spice.


After smoking Cherry Pie Sativa, many individuals are shocked by the skunky, piney flavor they experience on the first puff. After that, you’ll discover how delicious Cherry Pie Sativa is, with a fantastic smoked cherry taste. The sticky and sweet flavor of Cherry Pie Sativa lingers on the tongue, similar to glace cherries. Overall, the spice might make novices cough; while the flavor is certainly less pie and more cherry!


The nugs are thicker than Durban Poison and not as spherical as a cut of GDP. Cherry Pie Sativa’s quality is superior, so you won’t have to worry about it crumbling in your hands. It’s clear that the genes from Durban Poison have taken hold in how this plant looks. You’re unlikely to notice the purple tint of GDP because of this plant. Instead, you’ll notice orange hairs and forest green leaves from Durban Poison genetics

Cherry Pie Sativa Strain Grow Info

In general, after purchasing Cherry Pie Sativa seeds, the best place to grow them is indoors. If you want to cultivate this variety outside, it needs a warm, Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine. The end of October marks the deadline for outdoor grown Cherry Pie Sativa; on average, it produces 14 ounces of bud per plant.

If you maintain a temperature of 75- to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, this plant will thrive. While a hydroponics system would be convenient, Cherry Pie Sativa flourishes when grown in soil. Look for loam potting soil and add worm castings or bat guano to enhance the quality of the dirt.

Cherry Pie Sativa thrives best when the relative humidity (RH) is kept at the lower end of the scale. During the vegetative stage, keep it around 55% and drop it to 40s when your flowers are in bloom. The RH should not exceed 40% towards harvest time.

Cherry Pie Sativa is a strain that necessitates some trimming. It matures into a medium-sized shrub but can also develop into quite bushy. When your crop begins to spread out, remove any dying leaves you notice. It’s preferable to prune only a little of each plant at a time. If you clip too much away at once, your plants may go into shock, resulting in sluggish growth and the possibility of hermaphrodite plants developing.

Finally, be sure to ‘flush’ your plants to remove any nutrient traces. The last thing you want is the aftertaste of nitrogen while smoking your marijuana! Use pH-neutral water between 7 and 14 days before harvest, then flush the dirt away. Any nutrient reserves remaining in your plants will be used up, leaving no chance for that nasty fertilizer flavor.

You’ll find that Cherry Pie Sativa has a wide range of strength, with some being considerably more potent than others. Some low-THC mild cuts have a THC content as low as 13%. Stronger versions, on the other hand, contain up to 23% THC. Although Cherry Pie Sativa is not known for having a lot of CBD, it does have somewhat higher levels (0.04 percent and 0.2%).

What Can I Expect When I Use Cherry Pie Sativa?

Prepare to be astonished once again if you’re anticipating a powerful body high from an indica dominant hybrid. Users frequently note feeling a rush of energy almost immediately after taking a puff. As your thoughts race, your mind may begin to work overtime. Soon enough, you could find yourself becoming more vocal; this may be the night when you want to talk about current issues like politics and the meaning of life!

Cherry Pie Sativa is a great indica-dominant hybrid that promotes feelings of pleasure and joy. It can help you feel calm and unworried, as well as induce euphoria. Cherry Pie Sativa has the ability to put a spring in your step while also inspiring creativity. It’s an excellent social strain, but we don’t recommend using it before going to bed.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Pie Sativa

Cherry Pie Sativa is not a strain for insomniacs, but it may be useful for reducing stress. If you have symptoms of stress and anxiety, this strain might be worth a try. Its apparent ability to make one happy is one of its biggest selling points, which is why it’s frequently given to people with depression.

Cherry Pie Sativa isn’t the most potent strain out there, but it’s been used to treat problems like headaches, migraines, muscular tightness, and PMS for some time. This strain is occasionally linked with an increase in hunger. As a result of a variety of different health issues, patients who have a reduced appetite as a consequence of various medical conditions may find this strain beneficial.

Possible Side Effects of Cherry Pie Sativa

Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and anxiety are the most common adverse effects. There’s a chance you’ll become dehydrated while using this strain, therefore keep a bottle of water on hand to sip before, during, and after usage. Cherry Pie Sativa might cause feelings of paranoia or a mild headache in rare cases.

Final Thoughts

Cherry Pie Sativa was regarded as a well-kept secret on the West Coast of America for a long time. Soon after, visitors to California discovered this wonderful strain and began delivering it elsewhere in the United States. While it isn’t the most powerful variety, you shouldn’t underestimate Cherry Pie Sativa’s power.

Cherry Pie Sativa isn’t the most powerful strain, but you shouldn’t underestimate its strength.

Cherry Pie Sativa’s high is said to be euphoric and energetic. Although it does not create the same type of bodily high as other sativas, it does give a pleasant mental buzz.

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