Cherry Bomb Weed

Cherry Bomb is a tart and powerful indica hybrid from Michigan’s Cherry Capital. It tastes exactly like you’d expect it to: a big blast of cherries. The flavor also comprises notes of blackberry and blueberry, making it feel like an explosion of taste on your tongue. Despite its potent nature, Cherry Bomb is also well-known for its psychoactive high. Cherry Bomb may also assist with pain and stiffness while leaving you in a euphoric state. If you’d like to buy Cherry Bomb weed, use our toronto cannabis delivery to your home.

You’re in luck when you find a perfectly balanced, delectably moreish, and specially bred bud. With so many delicious and not-so-tasty strains out there, it might be difficult to discover one that combines the best of both worlds, but we’ve got just the right fusion!

Yes, that’s correct – a wonderful daytime strain with fruity undertones, relaxing effects, and a slew of health advantages. We must be talking about the wonder that is the Cherry Bomb cannabis strain!

If you’ve never tried this fruity little thing, stay with us since we’ll explain everything there is to know about it.

What is the Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain?

Cherry Bomb has been around for a while, so there are several different versions of the plant. Without a doubt, the most famous is the cross between an unnamed California indica and the legendary Mr. Greengenes landrace Hawaiian Sativa developed by Barneys Farm.

The MTR strains are also available in a very wide range of flavors, ranging from sweet and fruity to citrusy and earthy. This medium-strength hybrid is ideal for lounging around during the day and has a plethora of appealing characteristics, not least its light-hearted, all-around enjoyable nature. It’s been frequently referred to as one of the most popular strains on the market for everyday use, and it’s been praised for medical uses.

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain Appearance, Aroma and Flavor


This strain was created by crossing two German indica strains together. It has a distinctive hybridized structure and is recognized as a fake hybrid bud by cannabis users at first sight. This takes the typical indica plant and adds the fluffy, loose leaves typically seen in sativa strains to complete it.

Cherry Bomb has a mild green color that is similar to sage, although the hue varies depending on the strain you have. You may expect purples and brighter greens if you are exceptionally fortunate.

Cherry Bombs’ distinct characteristic is its icicle-like white trichomes, which cover each bud and are primarily responsible for the bud’s psychoactive effects.


The top notes of Cherry Bomb are musk and fragrant berry, but beneath the initial scent there is a complex network of odors that a cannabis enthusiast will enjoy.

Users will notice notes of dark berries and cherry on this bud when it’s ground. The exquisite sweetness of cherry, on the other hand, is lost in the aroma. With a smooth smoke that has powerful, earthy undertones that almost have a musty scent, things balance out after first inhalation.

The majority of people describe this to be a very sweet-smelling strain, but it is offset by these muskier tones, so if sweetness isn’t your thing, we still recommend you give this strain a try!


Cherry Bomb is characterized by an unmistakably fruity fragrance, as well as a taste that is delightfully moreish with delightful blueberry and blackberry undertones and a unique herbal spark which comes as a surprise on the exhale.

If you enjoy a fruity, refreshing, and smooth smoke, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this one!

Cherry Bomb Grow Info

We’re again celebrating a difficult-to-get variety, because there are no seeds for this bud available on the internet. However, not as uncommon as some others, those wanting to grow their own Cherry Bomb plants may do so by taking a cutting from the original.

Cherry Bomb may be grown indoors or outside, and it is a strain that responds well to both. However, this should be determined by your location. If you live in an area with a hot, humid climate that helps the flower bloom, grow Cherry Bomb outside. We recommend that novices attempting Cherry Bomb cultivation do so only if they have some expertise, since she does grow tall and bushy, necessitating skilled growers to know where and when to trim her back. Trimming your plant early in its vegetative growth will help you optimize storage space while growing indoors.

As we stated previously, Cherry Bomb is capable of producing some lovely purple tones, and you may assist her by exposing the plant to lower nighttime temperatures for a short time. When cultivated indoors, Cherry Bomb usually takes between nine and ten weeks to bloom.

Medicinal Benefits of the Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain

Cherry Bomb’s large popularity and status is due, in part, to its well-rounded psychedelic high. This hybrid has fast effects that transport users on a genuine trip, according to many users.

The pressure behind the eyes can quickly transform into a sensation of mental clarity and attention, which is ideal for activities, studies, or routine tasks. You have one fantastic beginning when you combine your new-found mental sharpness with the overwhelming sense of peace and pleasure!

You’ll notice a mental fog lifting after an hour or so in your high. While your body begins to relax physically, you will remain focused and attentive as your mind begins to succumb to the wave of physical drowsiness.

This is a fantastic way to get rid of aches and pains, from headaches and migraines to PMS and back pain. Although you won’t be left in an uncomfortable or unwanted state of sedation, you will notice the mellow and drowsy side effects of the latter phases of this drug.

The indica and sativa effects of this strain are so well matched that it’s hard to explain why it’s such a hit with both recreational and medical marijuana users. Cherry Bomb is the greatest way to get an energizing, relaxing high!

Potential Risks of the Cherry Bomb Strain

Cherry Bomb has some unwanted side effects, just like any other strain. Some customers experience headaches, paranoia, and panic while using this plant; as a result, we advise those who are not used to marijuana to be cautious. Dry eyes and dry mouth are typical symptoms of Cherry Bomb usage.

Final Thoughts: Is Cherry Bomb a Hybrid You Want To Try?

We know that hybrid owners have distinct tastes when it comes to what makes their perfect combination, but we believe you’ll be hard-pressed to locate one better than this.

Is Cherry Bomb one of the strains you’ve yet to try? Are you curious about trying it? Whether you’re new to it or not, let us know your thoughts on this highly popular fruity cannabis strain in the comments!

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