Bandana Marijuana Strain Information


Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 5%, CBD: 3%

Bandana is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain created through a cross of either the popular Banana OG X 707 Headband or the rarer 707 Headband X Snow Dawg. This bud is loved among users with pain-centered medical issues, with a high CBD level that bottoms out at 3.5% with an average THC level of 13%. The high is very relaxed and pain-relieving as a whole, starting with an almost immediate slight uplifting effect accompanied with bouts of euphoric energy that stimulate artistic creation. As your mind slowly builds to a peak of bliss, you will find yourself becoming more talkative and social, with some tendency to fall into uncontrollable bouts of giggles. Your body will be completely relaxed and you may feel slightly lazy at times, but still completely functional. These effects make Bandana the perfect bud for treating inflammation, chronic pain, chronic stress or anxiety, fatigue, and appetite loss. Bandana has a distinctly banana aroma with overtones of citrus and earth and a hint of flowers. The taste is of sweet and flowery coffee with an earthy aftertaste upon exhale. Bandana buds have large spade-shaped and super airy light minty green nugs with long thin dark amber hairs and a super frosty thick coating of tiny crystal white trichomes.

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Though the THC levels may not be too mind-boggling, the CBD levels make up for that tenfold. With averages well above 3.5%, users are sure to have a body numbing experience perfect for pain management or for recreational uses to get that stellar tingle we all love. The buds of this strain are large and spade-shaped, with super airy minty green nugs covered in sienna hairs and white trichomes. The profile of Bandana is a mix of all things delicious, with unmistakably banana aromas and flavors, complemented by citrus and coffee and rounded to perfection with earthy undertones.


For recreational users, this is a body high lover’s dream. This stimulating high wakes you up with an initial artistic rush, imparting a feeling that’s uplifted and happy. Slowly but surely the tingles begin and relax every muscle in your body, bringing you to an utterly blissful place. Enjoy the social nature of this phase of the high and let the conversation flow. As the laziness sets in on the come down, giggle fits are not uncommon.

As mentioned above, medicinal users absolutely love this strain for its pain relieving tendencies. Because of the moderate amounts of CBD, Bandana is great at taking away aches and leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. Additionally, this strain is ideal for mild to moderate fatigue, appetite loss, and is occasionally used to treat symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Those prone to paranoia are cautioned to take this one hit at a time as it is a slow builder and may overwhelm you in excess.

This strain is strongly recommended as an outdoor grow as natural pollination maximizes its effectiveness. Bandana has a flowering time of 10 to 12 weeks with a late October harvest. The yield is above average in the right conditions and with the right grower.

If you are an avid cook and love to turn your buds into butter, this is a flavorful strain to have with morning pancakes, bread, and cakes. If you are more adventurous, you may even like the hints of banana in dark chocolate brownies. Baking not your thing? No problem – test this incredible strain out with a chocolate flavored wrap and see how the coffee and banana burst through on each inhale.

Making it’s debut in the Fall of 2011, Bandana is a small batch blend that is being released as a limited edition through select vendors. AKG always has its ears to the ground, and what they heard the customers asking for was this hybrid. Taking the famous 707 Headband clone and crossing it with their already proven Snowdawg BX male, they created a new hybrid that adds the Headband size, CBN profile and a bit of skunk/diesel flavor to the Snowdawg structure and sweet aroma and taste.

Test grows indicate a strong tendency to stretch during the early stages of flowering, sometimes up to 3x. What starts in flower as 3ft will often end up pushing 7ft. The Headband genetics sometimes show through in certain phenotypes creating a weaker branch structure. You will want to stake heavily and tie up early and often as the buds get very heavy and will want to droop. Initial smoke reports have shown that Bandana does very well at temporarily ceasing spastic movements, muscle spasms, and the pain associated with them. It also seems to be better for joint pain than some other crosses for some patients.

Organic Seeds (Open Air Pollination)
Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid (30/70)
Genetics : 707 Headband x Snowdawg BX
Flowering Time: 70-80 Days
Harvest: Late October
Height: 2 – 3x Stretch
THC Level: Med (Higher Percentage of CBN).

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bandana?

This strain boasts of the delicious flavors of coffee and banana, making it the perfect breakfast bud for a full day ahead. Its aroma is that of a freshly peeled banana with overtones of citrus, flowers, and earth.

The Bandana cannabis strain’s high is relaxing and pain-relieving as a whole. It starts with an almost immediate yet mild euphoric effect that turns people talkative and sociable. Its gleeful energy also stimulates artistic and creative productivity among its users. This makes the Bandana strain a great weed to be used with friends.


What are the medicinal benefits of Bandana?

This strain is loved by users with pain issues, such as headaches, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and any other inflammation. It is also found to be useful for treating people with eating disorders as it helps stimulate the appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bandana?

The Bandana, being a mild and subtle strain, rarely has adverse effects. However, if used above an individual’s tolerance limits, it may cause a few people to experience a slight increase in their levels of anxiety.

How to Grow Bandana?

Like its parent, the 707 Headband, this strain needs support as it does not have sturdy branches. Aside from that, the strain is relatively easy to grow. When in bloom, it can grow as tall as 7 feet, so enough space and headroom are required. In the weeks leading to harvest, growers need to apply low-stress training in order to encourage the production of flowers.

Grow information

Alphakronik Seeds cultivated Bandana by crossing the infamous 707 Headband with a tried and true male Snowdawg backcross. The plant leans towards its sativa heritage, stretching upwards early in the flowering stages and reaching heights up to seven feet when grown outdoors. As such, some plants may require structural support. Bandana reaches full maturity in late October in Mediterranean-like climates, whereas the plant flowers in 70 to 77 days when grown indoors. Skilled growers can expect an average yield at harvest.

Bandana is available as seeds only.

Lab Data



Parent strains are a cross between the two hybrids 707 Headband and Banana OG. Some say that
Bandana’s genetics stem from crossing the sativa Snow Dawg with 707 Headband instead. The breeder
AlphaKronik Genes bred a variation of Bandana using 707 Headband and a backcrossed Snowdawg.

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