What's more harmful, cigarettes firechews ontario edibles marijuana

firechews ontario edibles marijuanaBefore answering the question that concerns many people, it is necessary to establish criteria for comparison. Despite the seeming similarities, the process of cannabis use is not exactly the same as smoking cigarettes. The main difference is the frequency and amount of the substance consumed over time. For example, the average smoker needs about 20 cigarettes a day. And so every day. Consumers of marijuana are satisfied with much less. According to US researchers, only 1% of those who consider themselves regular cannabis users do so every day. All of this must be taken into account when assessing overall health risks in order to give the right answer to the question: "Which is more harmful - cigarettes or marijuana?

The smoke composition of all burning plants is similar in its composition and, in general, its inhalation is not beneficial to the lungs in any case. Definitely in any smoke will be present carbon dioxide CO₂ and carbon monoxide CO gases are products of combustion of organic tissues. It will also always contain some resins, nitrogen, sulphur and heavy metal compounds. The latter is highly dependent on the location of the growing area: if, for example, it is located near the fence of a chemical or metallurgical plant, the plant will pull the entire Mendeleev table out of the soil. And of course benzopyrene is a carcinogen and mutagen, the danger of which has been talked about so much recently.

firechews ontario edibles marijuanaThis substance, because of its particular harm, deserves a separate conversation. Benzopyrene is a typical environmental carcinogen. Due to its high chemical stability, it migrates in the environment, living organisms and plants. It is in its stability and ability to accumulate is the main danger - entering the body in small doses, benzopyrene accumulates there, gradually reaching a dangerous concentration.

Benzopyrene enters plants from the ground (another reason why the grower must carefully monitor the quality of the soil for hemp), and then released by burning. In addition to cigarette or marijuana smoke, it is contained in large quantities in smoked products, dried tea and roasted coffee. Carcinogen is also found in the smoke of any organic fuel, including in the exhaust of cars. Plants intended for edibles marijuana any indoor use, near railroads, motorways and polluting businesses should not be grown.

Specific substances of tobacco and cannabis
Specific to tobacco is nicotine, a plant alkaloid contained in tobacco and (in much smaller quantities) other plants of the Paslenov family. Nicotine is toxic, but when used in small quantities (for example, when smoking cigarettes), it causes an adrenaline release and suppresses the enzyme responsible for the decomposition of dopamine (pleasure hormone). In this way, a slight euphoric effect is firechews ontario obtained. When the dosage is increased, the toxic properties of nicotine are more pronounced, which leads to poisoning, and at a significant overdose - to death.

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