Who is at risk for mental illness from smoking marijuana?

 A portrait of a person in a "risk group" is formed from various studies. That is, someone who is at high risk of paying for relaxed mental health.

  • 1. You have a predisposition to mental disorders.
  • The catch is that it is impossible to know about it beforehand: schizophrenia usually starts before 25 years old, bipolar disorder - up to 35. If you are young and well, you may not be healthy, but the disease has not yet manifested - and taking drugs you "help" him to do it. If you already have people with mental disorders in your family, there is no risk.
  • 2. You have a pronounced schizoid traits (withdrawn, vulnerable, extravagant). Marijuana increases not only schizophrenia, but also schizoid disorder - not so hard, but also unpleasant.
  • 3. You started using marijuana early (especially before the age of 16, when the psyche is still forming).
  • 4. You have already experienced a psychosis attack.
  • 5. You have been using a lot and often. The higher and more regular doses, the higher the probability of psychosis and its further development into schizophrenia.

Can marijuana treat psychotic disorders

Speaking of cannabis flower Canada and psyche, you can't avoid the opposite point of view: that the grass is able to cure.Who is at risk for mental illness from smoking marijuana?

Almost all drugs in the XIX-XX centuries were used as drugs and produced for this purpose. Until it became obvious that the side effects were much worse than the disease itself.

In psychiatry, "hit" can be called LSD. Several generations of psychiatrists and psychologists, from Carl Gustav Young in the 1930s to Timothy Leary in the 1960s, experimented with the effects of psychedelics on their patients. Leary, the guru of psychedelics, was arrested with scandal and drug experiments are banned in most countries. But that doesn't mean they're not.

Who is at risk for mental illness from smoking marijuana?

Not so long ago, a book was published about how clandestine psychiatrists treat patients whom official medicine considered hopeless (i.e. resistant to known drugs), using the same LSD, amphetamines, and to a lesser extent - marijuana. It is not worth repeating their methods at home, even if they really help someone: there is a big difference between using a purified substance under medical supervision and an incomprehensible mixture at your own risk.

There is also a legitimate medical marijuana i ndustry in countries where it is allowed (e.g. Canada - since 2001). According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), cannabis-based preparations can be used as painkillers, against nausea and loss of appetite. For example, marinol is prescribed to patients with cancer to improve their weak appetite: these drugs do not get high, they just contain small doses of purified from impurities of cannabinoids.Who is at risk for mental illness from smoking marijuana?

The practice of using marijuana in psychiatry is relatively small, and there is even less research to prove its effectiveness. But, as we have already found out, a huge number of patients use it as a self-treatment, so the question is more than relevant.

Psychiatrist Julie Holland, author of a rather popular book on marijuana, believes that it eases the condition of military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2016, the Clinical Psychology Review published a study stating that cannabis can also improve the condition of people with depression and sociophobia. However, quite soon it was discovered that these scientists received funding from Canadian https://tokohemp.com/product-category/flower/ marijuana producers, so https://www.leafly.com/news/canada there is reason to doubt their objectivity.

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