AAAA weed Classic Award 

    • What kind of cannabis

    • The general classification classifies three types of hemp: Seed hemp (sativa), Indian hemp (indica) and AAAA weed hemp (Ruderalis). Most of the modern varieties are hybrids, a set of genes (genotype) of which make up the genes of these species.
    • Sativa - AAAA weed
    • Sprawling tall plant with narrow leaves and elongated inflorescences. The effect when used is described as "hi" (high) - it has a greater influence on thinking and perception, stimulates physical activity. It is good for daytime use.
    • Indica - AAA weed
    • A stocky bush with large, closely spaced leaves. Distinguishes itself by its intensive stone effect: it immobilises and relaxes, develops creativity. More suitable for evening use.
    • Ruderalis - AAAA weed
    • A wild-growing hemp or just a game. A small plant with rare small leaves. Virtually does not contain THC, but it can also develop psychoactive potential.
    • Two different varieties of the same species can also be very different. It contains over 400 chemical compounds, which have different effects when used. At least 113 of them are cannabinoids, and about 200 are terpenes. 
    • Each variety has an individual set of these compounds with different concentrations. At present, there are tens of thousands of varieties of cannabis, and the challenge for a novice cannabis grinder is not to get confused by this diversity.

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    Patients get to vote on every category of the awards except the Best Strain category. That category is reserved for patients who purchase a Judge's Pass at participating dispensaries. Click 'Get Tix' link above for more info.

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    Smoking Area

    Medical marijuana patients who bring their recs to the show will be able to medicate in the peaceful Medicating Lounge adjacent to the venue. Vaporizers and joint papers provided!

    Music & Medicine:
    A Perfect Match

    Music is medicine. Marijuana is medicine. Together these two forces have the power to uplift, inspire and encourage. WeedMaps is proud to be partners with Guerilla Union on Dr. Greenthumb's and Tommy Chong's 2011 Spring Gathering.

    Spring Gathering + Cannabis Classic Trailer

    Winners announced at Spring Gathering!

    Join me for The Cannabis Classic, where I'll be honoring inspirational activists, artists, collectives and more!

    - The Cannabis Classic Show Host, Tommy Chong


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    About the Classic

    The Spring Cannabis Classic provides medical marijuana patients with a platform to celebrate with their favorite collectives, products and strains of the season, as well as honor inspirational activists and artists that have enhanced their lives.

    Medical marijuana patients want compassion. Healthy competition among collectives leads to medical marijuana patients getting the best care and the right medicine to suit their needs.

    About WeedMaps

    WeedMaps is the largest medical marijuana patient community on the planet, with over 100,000 registered medical marijuana patients and growing. The site started in Orange County, CA in August of 2008 and was acquired by General Cannabis Inc, a publicly traded company (SYM: CANA) in December of 2010. Click for more information about or General Cannabis.