Technical aaaa marijuana

The plant played a huge role in the industry. The hemp and hemp oil produced from it were one of the main sources of currency profit along with oil. Soviet breeders created varieties that contained virtually no psychoactive substances and sown almost a million hectares. This plant accounted for about 50% of the profit of the agricultural industry.

aaaa marijuanaHemp fibres were used to create sails, shoes, paints, vegetable oil and much more. But in 1987, under the auspices of the fight against drugs, hemp cultivation was completely banned. This is a rather strange solution, given that industrial cannabis usually contains no trace amounts of psychoactive cannabinoids, including THC. This, however, further underlines the far-fetched and biased nature of prohibition, which has nothing to do with the actual figures.

Scopes of application of technical cannabis
As we said before, cannabis is a universal culture. It is incredibly easy to cultivate, which allows you to create extremely cheap products that will be quite durable, useful and of high quality. Let's take a closer look at the benefits that cannabis can bring to industry.

Cannabis has found excellent applications in production, such as furniture. Bonfire (dry stem residue) is used as a filler for chipboard and a good binder. Various biocomposites (so-called "green plastic") are made of hemp and are used in the manufacture of aircraft and cars. These materials are environmentally friendly (decomposable over time) and highly durable. If you are a happy owner of a BMW car, you may be surprised to find that door panels are made of such a biocomposite and headrests are stuffed with hemp fire. Cannabis has not even bypassed the meat industry. Cake and hemp seeds are an excellent feed base for livestock, containing a huge amount of essential substances in the right proportions.

aaaa marijuanaThis industry is the most traditional for cannabis. Its stem consists of many "tubes" through which nutrients circulate, and they play the role of a kind of ribs. Thanks to this feature, the fabric made from cannabis is incredibly strong and resistant to most environmental factors. It used to be used for sails, ship ropes and sailor clothes. Today, anything from lightweight and practical shoes to handbags, jackets and hats is made of cannabis fibres.

Pharmaceutical companies use products from the processing of seeds, leaves and other parts of industrial hemp to produce antibiotics, drugs that stimulate hematopoiesis and drugs that fight rickets. Hemp oil is an excellent antioxidant and is recommended for patients suffering from cancer, breathing, digestive or heart problems.

The plant contains huge amounts of nutrients and unsaturated fats. This makes it an ideal raw material for the production of creams, masks and various hygiene products that are extremely healthy for the skin.

Cannabis processing products have antiseptic properties and prevent mould formation. This property allows creating durable and durable finishing panels. Which, moreover, are also extremely cheap. Hemp oil is used to create an environmentally friendly olive - wood varnish, which protects the surface without emitting harmful substances. They even use a fire to reinforce the concrete.

This branch of cannabis application is best developed in England and Germany. There, hempfire is used as an environmentally friendly insulation for facades, as a base for floor coverings and even as a basic material for wall construction.

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